Patient Osteopath Partnership (POP)
Working together to help you Work, Rest and Play Better!


Osteopathy is a safe and effective form of Primary Health Care.
We are now Allied Health Practitioners recognised by NHS England

  • We first explore you presenting symptoms and concerns during a detailed case history.
  • This takes perhaps half your first consultation – but is critical to move forwards.
  • Gathering this information and developing an understanding of your health history as well a detailed physical examination helps us form a time line and frame for what is wrong
  • We then explain what we feel is going on, in the context of your broader lifestyle at work, rest and play – and how much we feel we can help, or what referral might be needed.
  • We will help you understand all the contributing factors to your case to help you engage with the process of getting better and what changes you might need to make.
  • We may provide tailored individual exercises, at the right time, to help you improve.
  • We will also advise you on how you perform sports and exercise that you already do.

Our Osteopaths will explain to you:

  • Why you are in pain
  • How long your recovery should take
  • How many treatments you should need over what period
  • When it is ideal to return to full physical activity
  • When it is most appropriate to be  referred to another professional

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Your health is our concern

     Case History

    • During your initial consultation, we’ll look at how your symptoms started and what makes them fluctuate – completing a case history form.
    • We will then take your medical history and examine you to assess your posture, structure and function
    • We will also explore your quality of sleep, how your digestion is working and review your lung function.
    • Do you suffer headaches? Have there been episodes of dizziness?
    •  Have you had any major injuries or X-rays or MRI scans?
    • Past illness, surgery or injury cause changes that may have long term consequences on the quality of muscle and joint function of the body


  • We may need to see your Lower and Upper body to assess your function more completely, so wearing underwear you are comfortable with is best – (shorts are an option). (We offer a blanket or towel on request too.)
  • We conduct a ‘Standing’ examination to assess your active spinal and muscular function and you will be asked to bend in different directions as far as you are ‘able’ to comfortably
  • We may add a  Dynamic Squat  or Lunge tests test. as well as other orthopaedic tests– This will help inform us of off areas that we might treat safely.
  • We’ll look broadly at aspects of your lifestyle to help us gauge the right treatment and advice. What stress levels are you under at work might be something we explore to gain a more complete picture of your health.


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Diagnosis & Hands on treatment & self help plan

  1. We make a working diagnosis and will explain our suggested treatment plan so you’ll know how many treatment sessions you will need and what to expect afterwards.
  2. Treatment may be in the form of Joint Manipulation, Deep Massage for muscles, Stretching and Joint Mobilisation as well as other techniques to suit your needs.
  3.  We may also need up to date blood test results and reports on any scans or x-rays that have already been taken. In some instances we request further tests via your Doctor and at your request.
  4.  We will discuss your general health – Sleep quality and breathing exercises, Stretches and remedial exercise, Dietary advice and digestion management advice
  5.  Once the body is mechanically more efficient and balanced you find your sleep, breath and digestion feel improved. Mobility and exercise are all intrinsic to health in general.
  6. Stress is often blamed for everything that goes wrong with health – once you start to listen to what you body needs and with our insight gain greater understanding of what your body needs – you are back in the driving seat again!
  7. We are happy to see you in a year or even 5 years to review and revisit our top tips to keep you on track or review your health status having seen another health practitioner. many people take this option up – finding a another professional view useful.

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Your first visit & beyond – setting expectations

• You can usually expect a Follow-Up session within three to seven days after the initial consultation
• A number of sessions Average 2-5 in between depending on your needs may be suggested.
• A final appointment Check-up between 3 to 8 weeks later.
• With Sports Injuries, we look at what home self help will assist healing.
• We will let you know when you can safely fully return to your sport
• We often provide some individualized remedial exercises.
• Sports massage may be useful too with one of our practitioners

For more detailed information on how we manage sports injuries visit Sporting care at Body Back-up

‘Follow-Up’ Appointments

Consultation Body Back-Up• We will assess how you are improving at the start of each consultation – you should notice a progressive difference at each visit – symptoms should reduce and your mobility improve – we will ask you to ‘score’ the change to help gauge progress.
• We aim to provide advice and individual exercises to reduce the chance of your problem recurring and these will be reviewed regularly to see if you are reaching your goals or need the exercises modified to make them more effective.
• We will also ask you whether you have noticed improvement in your lifestyle, work comfort, or improved sports performance etc. – These are useful measures of your progress.
• Once your set of appointments is completed, we’ll also ask you to fill out an aftercare questionnaire on-line to help us improve what we do.

Body Back-Up checkup – Your future management

• Once you’re feeling good we want you to stay that way!
• With your agreement, we’ll send you a check-up invitation from time to time by post or email or text message to your mobile phone.
• You may also use any referral “Thank- you Vouchers” you can collect by referring New patients (friends, work colleagues or family) to Body Back Up

Possible after effects of treatment

Osteopathy is a hands on form of treatment and each person, no matter how carefully we work, reacts differently to our treatment. At the first session we may offer treatment well away from the main area of symptoms to improve function and reduce strain on an area that us most painful and reactive. This approach aims to avoid aggravating the main symptom site but rather making a start with easing the overall state of tension that has caused the acute episode of symptoms to become the reason why you called us for help.
• A few people suffer for a short while after hands on Osteopathic care – but we are always here if you are at all worried.
• Any side effects of treatment such as – soreness or tenderness are fairly common and will normally clear within 24 hours
• Occasionally patients may develop a superficial bruise (especially if you bruise easily or are taking prescribed blood thinning medication). Again this will normally dissipate in a few days.
• We may advise the application of heat to reduce any muscle reaction to treatment or application of ice, depending on the case. We will ask you to review any medication for pain relief that you maybe taking too.
• Some patients also feel tired after treatment. It can be best to avoid heavy exercise directly after your session and take a rest.

If you have any concerns – please contact us. We are happy to advise.