Workstation Health

Work station osteopathic assesssment with BODYBACKUP 3

Work station osteopathic assesssment with BODYBACKUP 2Work station osteopathic assesssment with BODYBACKUP

  •  Making Sense of Workstation Assessments with our easy to follow action plan
  •  Improve Well-Being at Work & Save Money!
  •  “Corporate Care” treatment Staff Vouchers available (Please ask Reception for details)

     Our past clients include:

     Johnson & Johnson                Jacobs Engineering                Quick Books

     Political Intelligence                Hitachi Europe                         Renesas

  • Does your organisation lose working days because of Back-related pain?
  • Have workstation changes been suggested?
  • Are you concerned about your budget and making the right choices that WORK long-term?
  • We have a range of low-cost options to help.

    1. Assessment

  • We can perform a Workstation assessment  – self-completion and basic recommendations for individuals or groups.
  • You may have this in-hand already. We can however help assess the data collected already and make our recommendations..

    2. Review – Evaluate – Record

  • Workstation layout and employee posture review can be assessed one-to-one.
  • A Body-mapping process is used so each employee can self-score pain & stiffness at work.
  • A review of symptoms & treatment or advice is given by our visiting Osteopaths.

      3. Benchmarking & Training

“Before & After” photographs help record changes suggested to workstation and posture.
This can be used in future as a point of reference.

Our Tailored Service

  • HEALTH & WELL-BEING SEMINARS Postural awareness workshops.
  • OSTEOPATHY TREATMENT at our Berkshire or London practices.
  • COST-EFFECTIVE INDEPENDENT EXPERT ADVICE Help selecting chairs & office furniture.
  • ONSITE EXERCISE CLASSES Tailored Yoga, Pilates or Stretch.
  • SPECIAL RATES Corporate consultation vouchers.

Body Back-Up Workstation reviews could save  money by advising on using existing Equipment more effectively.

The average cost of one new workstation Desk, Adjustable chair & Screen raiser is between £750 to £2000.         

Our Consultancy rates for a whole office team often amount to less than a single Workstation purchase!     

All staff who are workstation users are required by law to have a workstation assessment each year. This can be a useful chance to check things are set up well and prevent problems building up. Back pain alone accounts for more work absence than any other single condition !


What People Say About Our Service:

  • “The posture check was so easy to do, but has had a considerable impact on my life. I recommend it for anyone with aches and pains.” Sally Ellison (41)
  • “I had big back and neck problems and I came home shattered every day working in front of my computer. After my assessment I realised there are so many things I do wrong. I ended up with six action points and all of them were straightforward to fix.”
    Lenka Vychytova (37)

Our service could save time and money!

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