Functional Active Release

functional_active_release_BBUPRobin Lansman’s Step by Step approach to Biomechanical Assessment – Hands-on treatment with FAR.
Used on a daily basis when treating patients at his clinics in Maidenhead & London Maida Vale W9

We offer hands on care for our patients to help you recover and re-learn how to use your body when you suffer Back Pain or stiffness and want to Work, Rest or Play Better!

By designing treatment & stretches to suit your needs combined with FAR  great results can be achieved with Older patients who want to stay fit. Desk bound office staff & Performance Sports for Strength Flexibility & Stability Recreational Sports

Some of the types of problem FAR may be able to help with :

    •   Hip stiffness that affect your walking stride and balance
    •  Helping you fully recover after a joint replacement (hip/knee)
    •  Chronic postural spinal stiffness in the upper back associated with tension headaches
    •  Shoulder stiffness and frozen shoulder
    •  Helping long term recovery after accidents like Whiplash
    •  Lower back pain and stiffness and certain types of Sciatica
    •  Hyper-mobile jointed patients who suffer deep muscle stiffness
  • FAR is now used by Osteopaths, Physios, Chiropractors, Doctors and Surgeons
  • From across the UK, Germany, Poland, Switzerland, Portugal, Spain & Holland
  • They have studied FAR as developed by Leading Osteopath  Robin Lansman both in the UK and Abroad.


Key Benefits: 
  • Re-learning function patterns – after injury.
  • Re-education muscle groups – after disuse.
  • Re-integration of  joint and muscle function after joint surgery.
  • Reduce Psychological helplessness by fully incorporating patients with their treatment session.
  • Feedback during treatment helps guide and make treatment individual.
  • Effective in the quickest time with lasting effects when combined with Prescribed exercise.


How does FAR appear to Work

Using hands-on detailed palpation in combination with a details history and an active functional examination – the aim is to find key areas of muscle dysfunction.

    1. Identifying the parts of a muscle that do not fully contract and thereby not providing the power they could or where only part of the muscle is contributing to the overall movement is key to knowing where to treat.
    2. Often these areas have reduced blood flow due to being chronically tight and sometimes tender.
    3. These areas may not be the site of the reported symptoms however. The pain patients report may be quite a distance above or below the contracted area.
    4. A combination of localised pressure and active resistance from the patient allows a focal point of tension to be established.
    5. Asking the patient to then contract and relax the area over a range of movement being guided carefully by the practitioner allows arcs of poor quality movement to be identified and gradually enhanced.
    6. During this process the painful site of “focus” can in most instances to be expected to eases and the function as a result may therefore indicate improvement which can be verified by re-testing using Active Palpation.
    7. The muscle is should then be able to contract over a larger and larger range of movement more fully and thus provides more fluidity of function and this may reduce the onset of fatigue at the same time. This is also retested with Active Resisted contraction to assess muscle power.
    8.  The net effect is more supportive and stronger muscle that is also flexible and adaptable to perform its function where it is located in the  body.
    9. When several sets of overlapping muscles as treated in this way it enhances postural support as well as greater power for the muscle chain system the also links into the periphery including the shoulders and hip girdles

arm and shoulder pain Robin lecture
Robin Lansman’s Step by Step approach to
Biomechanical Assessment – Hands-on treatment with FAR.
Used on a daily basis when treating patients at his clinics in
Maidenhead, Berkshire UK
& London W9 (Maida Vale) UK

More one day workshop dates for Professionals for 2018 in the UK and Europe

United Kingdom dates

Saturday 17th February 2018 – Functional Active Release: Lower Back Pain and Sciatica


Saturday 17th March 2018 9 Function Active release: Thoracic-outlet Syndrome (TOS) & Shoulder Dysfunc…


Europe Dates

2-3 February 2018 Functional Active Release Techniques

Tillburg Holland


Berlin, Germany

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