Pregnancy Care – Before, During & After
With prescribed clinical exercises

Body Backup pregnancy picOsteopathy Preparing for Pregnancy 

If you are planning to carry a child and are not yet pregnant, we can also examine you and detect areas of stiffness or weakness that can be remedially improved with exercise and treatment.  Life before considering Pregnancy will have often been full of Postural demands from working hard or from injury in the past. Pregnancy adds more strain through nine months with some areas loosing due to hormonal changes whilst some muscles get increasingly stiff as your body changes. 

Osteopathy during pregnancy

Body Back-Up Osteopaths are highly skilled and use gentle “hands on” techniques, which can be applied appropriately at all stages of pregnancy using treatment and gentle exercise we can: Get your Body working optimally

    • Ease some of the physical discomforts of pregnancy such as Backache, Sciatica and Pubic Symphysis pain.
    • Help prepare Mum’s body for the demands of labour.
    • Give postural and exercise advice to help Mum protect herself and sleep comfortably.

Relieve Pelvic strain & tension

During delivery the pelvis bones must move apart slightly to accommodate the baby’s head.  Undue muscular or postural strain on the pelvis can make this more difficult, often resulting in greater levels of discomfort.  Osteopathy can help to minimise these strains.

Click here for our Information Sheet “Osteopathy & Pregnancy”

Mother & Child Scoliosis body back-up

Osteopathy after delivery and beyond 

    • Help the body to physically recover after birth and cope with looking after and feeding the new born.
    • Using muscular release, gentle articulation and exercise.
    • Relieve aches & pains such as Back & Neck ache – carrying and breastfeeding

Normal pregnancy hormones cause ligaments throughout the body to soften to help it prepare for labour. Breast feeding maintains this laxity hormonaly too.
This softening also makes the body vulnerable to over strain and puts more demand on the muscles as they have to work harder to compensate for the lack of support from the softer ligaments.

This can lead to a variety of aches and pains as well as increasing feelings of fatigue. The physical demands of day to life with a New Baby including breastfeeding also place one side strain on the body creating stiffness and pain.

 Tailored stretches & exercises 

Stretches and exercises are an excellent way to keep the body flexible, strong and mobile, helping to minimise discomfort.
Keeping strong and flexible can assist the muscles in coping with the increased demands caused by postural changes and natural weight gain as well as looking after a new baby.
Osteopaths can advise on specific stretches and exercises, tailored to the individual’s needs and postural requirements.

Pelvic Girdle Pain (PGP)

Pelvic Girdle Pain (PGP), formerly known as Symphsis Pubis Dysfunction (SPD).  There is a wide range of symptoms and the severity varies between women.

 Pubic Symphysis pain

This is often caused by the increased demand on the pelvis coupled with the softening of ligaments due to the normal pregnancy hormones.

 Do I have PGP?

The main symptoms are pain while walking, climbing stairs and turning over in bed.  This means that it affects virtually everything you do in a day, which can have a major impact on your life.  Pain can be at the front and/or back of your pelvis, at any stage during or after pregnancy.

 Can PGP be treated?

Yes!  PGP is treatable at any stage of pregnancy or postnatally.  PGP is caused by the joints in the pelvis not moving symmetrically or becoming stuck, which means it is part of osteopathic care to treat.

Heartburn – acid reflux

Often caused by distortion of the diaphragm as the uterus expands.

Swollen feet or ankles and foot pain

Carrying extra weight gradually places increasing demand on the feet. Foot and calf stiffness reduces blood return from the lower limbs. Remedial exercise and appropriate supportive foot wear makes all the difference. We sometimes suggest cushion or supportive Orthotic insoles to assist the foot posture and reduce tension in the legs. Please ask for details at your first appointment.

Treating Children

We offer treatment and advice for children and young adults from 6 -16 years old suffering from a whole range of conditions:

                • Postural Headaches
                • School Sports Injuries
                • Growing Pains
                • Knee Pains – Osgood Schlatters

Reduced fees may be available for under 12 year olds on request.

Chaperone is always requested and required for young people under 16 years old.



Elena Gheorghiu Homeopath


Dr Elena Gheorghiu  –  Homeopathy

For all appointments for Dr Elena Gheorghiu please use the Body Back-Up main number 01628 624544

Dr Elena Gheorghiu is a medical doctor with 30 years experience as a GP.  She started practicing homeopathy in 1982 and is a member of the London faculty of Homeopathy since 1994. Elena attends many International Complementary Medicine Seminars -to keep her knowledge up to date.

Homeopathic treatment can take place with, or without, orthodox treatment.  It is a gentle treatment with no side effects. It helps to increase the patients’ immunity and is suitable treatment for virtually all ages & stages of disease. Treatments usually includes nutritional & dietary advice.

Available in Maidenhead on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday afternoons and on Saturdays by arrangement.

Registered therapist with BUPA, AXA PPP & most other health insurers.


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