Arm & Shoulder pains & tingling hands & Thoracic Outlet Syndrome (T.O.S.)

Does this sound like you?  Need some help?

  • This kind of problem over the long term can ruin your life-style and the choices of hobby, sport of job you choose!
  • Make an appointment for a consultation. One VISIT as a first step?
  • We will be able to help you decide whether the problem you have is “Thoracic Outlet Syndrome
  • We will form a plan of action to assist you in the most appropriate way if we feel  we can help.


Common Lifestyle patterns & signs & Symptoms of T.O.S. – We hear these examples all the time!

  • Work at a computer or desk for quite a lot of time?
  • Drive long distances? Have you had a whiplash type injury in the past?
  • Find holding a pen, using a mouse or steering wheel has become harder & harder to do?
  • Ever wake up in the night with tingling in both arms and deadness?
  • Wake up with cold hands and they don’t feel like yours? Been told it must be your circulation?
  • Have already changed pillow several times and no better?
  • Find it difficult to sleep on one of your shoulders and yet you don’t have a Frozen shoulder or any restriction in motion?
  • Been told you may be suffering from Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI)?
  • Arm symptoms including pain and stiffness or pins and needles?
  • Been diagnosed with Carpel Tunnel Syndrome?
  • Have you had shoulder injections or surgery and the symptoms have returned or never went away?


Postural Changes & Diagnosis

  • Over time using a computer, or various sports can cause the body to adopt poor postures
  • Using T.O.S. assessment & screening we can often pick up problems which may have been completely overlooked in previous examinations and treatment.
  • An X-Ray or MRI would normally show changes if the issue is a structural problem but often these are clear or show mild wear and tear which is normal with NO disc or Joint problems of any significance.
  • Functional  problems with the muscles overlying the brachial plexus (the muscles in front of the throat, ribs and collarbone) which is the nerve bundle that supplies the upper limbs is often the problem BUT not seen on MRI or Xray!

Osteopathic Assessment & Screening for Thoracic Outlet Syndrome

RSI & posture body back-up
OUR assessment will cover:

  • Work and sporting posture
  • Sleeping position and sitting posture
  • Functional assessment of your upper ribs, neck mobility & upper spine
  • Test the power of your grip and reflexes.
  • Check your pulses to ensure your problem doesn’t have a vascular basis
  • Check if the cause if neurological. Neuro reflex tests done.
  • Review of trauma history – such as whiplash or falls.
  • Review of any existing X-RAYS or Scan results

We explain our findings then plan your care programme with you!

  • We will explain our findings & explore what advice, remedial exercises or treatment is required.
  • Offer you a series of treatment sessions over 2 – 3 weeks.  Perhaps up to 7 appointments total
  • Explain how much overall improvements you might expect by the end with a rate of change to be expected too.
  • Some people bring their pillow to see if it is helping or hindering them!
Treatment can involve Soft tissue release, FAR, Manipulation to spinal joints and then exercise to relieve the symtoms and then futher remedial exercises and treatment fix the problem for the long term. We might suggest seeing you 3 to 6 months after your last session.

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Body Back-Up Patient Testimonials for Thoracic Outlet Syndrome Management

” I started coming to see Robin Lansman two and a half years ago. I have come to see him for numerous injuries, one was a shoulder and back injury, one was to do with my neck on the left hand side. Every year he has helped me lots, shown me how to do stretching exercises and where to put the heat pack on my back or on my neck, as needed. I have numerous friends who have had back injuries and have been happy to suggest Robin Lansman, and his service is really good.”


“For a number of years I suffered discomfort in my upper shoulder area and down my left arm. I had tried a number of different treatments ranging from Chiropractors to Back Pain Relief Clinics – all in vain, the pain continued. Eventually, Robin Lansman was recommended to me and I came to Body Back-Up for treatment. If only I had done this two years earlier! Thank you Body Back-Up”


I had big back and neck problems, and I came home very shattered after every day working in front of my computer. I thought I just had to cope with that, because of the nature of getting older and office work! Then I learned about “Check my posture”, so I asked Robin Lansman – my Osteopath, to make my posture assessment. I realised there are so many things I do wrong so “I ended up with six clear action points and all of them were quite straight forward to fix”, once pointed out …………. “Nothing which would need a big investment or a big change in my office!” It has been 3 weeks since the assessment was done. I really can see the improvement. I have much less back pain, much less neck pain and I still sometimes have the tendency to go back to the bad habits! It’s now different and I am trying to exactly what the Osteopath said. I would say there is an 80% improvement so far!”

arm and shoulder pain Robin lecture

T.O.S. Post Graduate Workshop Feedback from other Professionals

‘Well balanced theory and practical teaching which was engaging and dynamic in style. The lecturer Robin Lansman was interested and passionate about the subject! “
Comment from Osteopath Emma Hann

“Lots of good techniques and course was delivered in a very useful and practical way.”
Comment by Osteopath Tracey Jones

“Robin Lansman is very confident and doesn’t waffle or stray from the point.”
Comment by Osteopath Frances

“Very helpful for my professional development! The course made me realise that sometimes getting stuck on specific tests for specific muscles is limiting and the process of diagnosis and treatment can be more organic but still structural.”
Comment by Osteopath Lisa Gibbs

“I have attended a lot of physio based workshops on the shoulder so it was good to learn a good osteopathic-based approach to exercise.”

“A brilliant lecturer, who was very clear and interesting. I will be attending Robin Lansman’s Functional Active Release F.A.R. lecture next month!”

“A fresh approach, with new treatment techniques and exercises – An excellent day.”

“Many more techniques and stretches / exercises than I expected to take away and use.”

“Some excellent new approaches.”

Research Paper collection on Thoracic Outlet Syndrome –

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