Berlin Workshop June 2018

Berlin Workshop IFAO FRI to SUN June 2018       

A Global Osteopathic Approach to Posture & Movement Disorders

Incorporating Active Palpation (™) and Functional Active Release (FAR) (™)

Workshop Led by: Robin Lansman D.O. (BSO London 1988)

                                       Philipp Richter – IFAO Director


arm and shoulder pain Robin lecture
The treatment of the Myofascial system is a basis of the osteopathic approach.Visceral, cranial and static dysfunction manifest in myofascial tension, leading to disrupted postural and motion patterns.
Habitualised patterns of movement at work and in sports lead to muscular imbalances.If these are not recognised early and addressed or treated, they become themselves a permanent interference ‘pattern’ field with the consequence of having osteopathic treatments that may less complete in their effects, leading to recurrent pain syndromes.
Studies have shown that small static changes have an effect on the entire Musculo-skeletal system, but especially “hyper-tension” on reactive or sensitised muscles.In this course, Robin Lansman and Philipp Richter demonstrate an osteopathic approach, to recognise disrupted ‘pathological’ patterns of posture and movement, and isolate and treat the responsible muscle groups, on a global basis – embracing muscle-chain theories
To this end, he explores both functional motion as well as static analysis.  Tests (Squat Test, Lunge Test), as well as a special, very efficient treatment method (FAR) – Functional Active Release is all part of the Workshop experience.The tests allow a “three-dimensional motion” analysis, whilst their Reproducibility can immediately reflect in the success of treatment – with lasting results – reinforced by remedial exercises to match the evaluation needs of the individual as determined at any stage or re-evaluation using established benchmarks that can be referred back too.

Course content extracts:

– Statics analysis: comparing evaluation, Passive and Active
– Movement analysis: squat test and lunge tests & Benchmarking
– Active “provocation tests” to implicate the affected muscle groups
– Static Analysis: Foot receptors, Eyes, Masticatory apparatus, Cavity pressure influences
– Treatment: FAR (Functional Active Release) –
– Application for specific cases:
– Lower Back Pain & Sciatica
– Thoracic Outlet Syndrome (TOS)
– Tendonitis
– Cervicalgia
– Achillodynia
– Groin strain
– Pregnancy

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             Osteopathy – Kailash Centre

        Robin Lansman D.O.  

 Standard Consultation       Robin Lansman D.O. 45 Mins

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