How to choose a mattress wisely

 Buying a new bed – some thinking points for the buyer and what to be wary of!

  • Choosing a bed when you are feeling stiff and in pain will often make you choose a bed that feels instantly comfortable – typically memory foam feels great in the first quick lying down test! Get some advice and get YOUR back treated and THEN look for the right bed.
  • The best quality beds stay at the same density and firmness for the longest time. Cheap so called “Orthopaedic” mattresses may feel TOO hard for 6 months – but then the springs shift and leave you on a misshapen and uncomfortable bed!
  • The term Orthopaedic is no guarantee of quality – it is not protected in law in the UK.
  • Ideally choose a mattress that is rated 7 out of 10 for firmness – You can tell when it is well constructed, as it should NOT collapse when you sit in the edge and it should not fold easily when you turn it!
  • A bed that is too hard makes it difficult for the muscles of the back to relax and find comfort – and a bed that is too soft gives little or no positive up lift support and therefor offers no real correction to the stiff curves that your back may have.
  • Remember if you sit all day at a computer – the bed you select needs to provide your body with rest, help the back feel supported and allow you to recover from the day’s work!
  • When you are in the shop trying out the huge range of new bed options – Don’t forget to lie down on your front and back and both sides to see how comfortable you feel in all sleeping positions.
  • A divan sprung base will also need changing and cost more in the long run. A solid or slatted base will leave you more money to spend on a better mattress.
  • Don’t forget your old bed is OLD and that is why perhaps you want to change it? It may well be softer than any new bed – it will take you time and perhaps some exercise advice to adapt to the new bed!
  • The “turn over “test – Trying turning over by starting lying on one side then turning to the other and then back again A supportive mattress is essential – so too soft is not going to help you when you turn over in the night – a key time when people complain of pain.