real-life-exercise BBUPAt Body Back-Up we help you to find individual stretches that are effective and safe and work with any treatment or exercise programme.
Healthy muscles give you more power, strength and stability, and can help you avoid injury as well as perform better.
Sportsmen and women who attend Body Back Up Clinics are looking for an individualised treatment programme and goals to be set – we want you to see the difference we can make!

At Body Back-Up we aim to review exercise programmes that you have been following as a first step.

  1. We then design appropriate individual remedial stretches that target the areas where you need to improve mobility with measurable goals – so you can monitor progress easily.
  2. Various treatment techniques including Functional Active Release can help this rebalancing along with Spinal mobilisation. We aim to use the minimum of treatment force allowing your stretching ‘homework’ to work with hands-on treatment.
  3. We assess your strength and balance to check that your body is working evenly and then design differential exercises to reduce any imbalances and “even out” your Left and Right sides as well as Upper and Lower body.
  4. Once you return to activity, we monitor you at intervals.  We may then adjust the exercises that you have been prescribed to assist your progress and encourage your body to develop ‘Better Habits’.  The monitoring interval can then be extended to between 3 and 6 months.  On average we see people 3-5 times.

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 Body Back-Up Practical Tips for stretching

  • Lying Down Exercises are best done on a firm surface – such as a carpeted area
  • Standing Exercises -please check you have somewhere to support yourself for balance
  • ALWAYS protect your spine holding the neutral posture and maintaining the spine’s natural curves
  • NEVER hold your breath when exercising — find a time to breathe in and out during each stretch
  • If you feel dizzy whilst stretching STOP!
  • Use part of a daily routine, sports warm up or warm down, after work, getting out of bed loosen up

Flex-a-stretch Top Tips

  • ALWAYS apply the stretch slowly & carefully ,find the point of tension.
  • If there is any discomfort that does not quickly subside -STOP
  • If the muscle is bruised or you have suffered any recent injury, muscle tear or severe cramp STOP and seek professional help
  • Maintain a constant and gentle pressure WAITING for the muscle to relax SLOWLY.
  • Pulling harder may make the process less effective or cause you to damage the muscle or other delicate structures.
  • Then SLOWLY release the stretch and repeat the process.
  • Each time – as the muscle relaxes – you will need to find a new tension point as you re-apply the pressure
  • Each time you perform the stretch – the muscle tension should diminish more quickly than the previous repetition.
  • Normally between 3 & 5 repetitions is enough to allow the muscle to attain a more relaxed state.
  • The tension point or stretch should be felt in the belly or middle of the muscle bulk – not at the tendon ends at either end of the muscle Belly.
  • It may be useful to repeat the stretch to the same side of the body and then switch to a full set of stretches for the opposite side of the body.
  • However in some cases it might be beneficial to alternate sides so that one side can recover whilst the opposite side is worked.
  • Work 1-2-1 with Body Back-Up experienced, former professional dancer & Osteopath Karen Phillips and create a 30 minute Exercise Routine Crafted to suit YOU that you can take away and use either daily or several times per week to suit your needs and lifestyle.
  • During 4  one to one 40 minute sessions your  UNIQUE exercise requirements will be explored and practiced so you are fully familiar with what you need to do between sessions and going forwards.
  • If you are undergoing treatment the exercises will be tailored to help the treatment progress and help you maintain your improvement.
  • Learn TONING exercises sourced from Traditional Pilates ,Yoga and Keep fit  BUT modified for YOU
  • Karen has worked as an Osteopath for over 30 years and Taught Ballet and Yoga .
  • Over the last decade she has explored different Pilates and Danced based Exercise techniques as part of her Osteopathic professional development.
  • You should observe a number of benefits from the sessions including :
  • Improved POSTURE with less fatigue
  • CORE STABILITY – strength from inside out
  • Greater Flexibility
  • A feeling of enhanced body CONFIDENCE
  • Please wear stretchy Gym clothes / shorts and T shirts with gym type shoes and socks

Practical Tips

Disclaimer: It is recommended that our exercises be carried out in conjunction with Body Back-Up Treatment prescribed individually by a Body Back-Up Osteopath.  If these exercises are used without professional guidance then it is at own risk.

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