Patient Testimonials

The day after Easter – my back collapsed….. literally. I went out to get a pint of milk, returned home, closed the car door and that was it…….I couldn’t move.

A 20 second walk to the house took 20 minutes whereupon I had to immediately lie down and at best I was able to move my upper body to reach over for some anti-inflammatories. Totally bed ridden – all very disappointing and upsetting as I was in training for the Moonwalk Breast Cancer fund raising walk in London which was due to be early May.

After some heavy inflammatories and some initial physio, I returned to see Robin – the last time was in 2007 when he had put me back into shape. Needless to say this time my back was in a much worse state but after the first session, I was able to move more freely. After the second and third I was able to walk much better. The fourth session was the day before the 13 mile walk through London.

Thankfully, I was mobile enough to do the walk and although I had heat packs on my back and carried some anti-inflammatories with me as precautionary – I am certain I would not have been able to complete it had it not been for the osteo sessions that I had had with Robin prior to the walk.

I now know that I have to ‘maintain’ the back and plan to visit Robin more than once in 5 years! I would thoroughly recommend Robin as an osteopath – not only the treatment but the advice has proved beneficial and importantly allowed me to raise close to £700 sponsorship money for breast cancer.

Anita Auch (51)

Office Worker
Kingston, Surrey


My first visit to Body Back-up must be some 10-12 years ago, I had been experiencing, for some time, pain and stiffness in my lower back when my doctor referred me to Robin Lansman. After an examination and my first treatment I was informed that my problem was mainly due to stiff joints, also my pelvis was out of alignment. I had a few more treatments and subsequently my problem had been resolved. I see Robin every six months for a general check up/maintenance which helps to keep me flexible.

Occasionally I need a treatment in between when I feel my back is ceasing up or my muscles have gone into spasm and usually just one treatment proves beneficial. I feel very confident and secure in knowing that whenever I have a back problem I know Robin can sort it out for me.

I have recommended several of my friends and the feedback I get is always positive.

Debbie Foster (58)

Sales Representative