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Who are Orthotics for ?

People often suffer foot pain at some time in their lives, frequently along with sore legs, knees and back pain. These are often caused by poor mechanical alignment affecting the way you run, walk and stand. When appropriately prescribed, orthotics can reduce foot pain. Foot orthotics allow the muscles, tendons ligaments and bones of the feet to function at their highest potential. Orthotics are shaped with special features to support the natural shape of your feet, as well as increase stability and cushioning. Orthotics that are ‘made to measure’ can cost between £200- £300 a pair! Some are ‘Neutral cast’, others made using a ‘Gel mould process’. We offer a semi-bespoke service – matching your foot arch needs for each foot separately and testing how you perform whilst wearing the footwear you use for Home, Work or Sports.
Ideal for Hospital Staff – Hairdressers – Builders – Factory Workers – Commuters


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Do you need a Orthotics consultation with us?

We might just be able to help you work, rest and play better. Lets see – 30 minute consultation and simple tests can provide the answers – whilst taking your sports and daily activities into account.

  • We first test your feet and footwear with your existing ORTHOTICS if you have some already to see what works best for you.
  • We also assess your stride and balance and power control using a range of test – observing the ankle, knee, hip and back function as well as how the feet contact the ground.
  • We make a comparison performing the same tests with bare feet , with the shoes you wear at work, rest or play –  without Orthotics to assess how well the shoes help your stride and balance
  • We finally introduce our high quality low cost insoles to suit your needs and test you again in your foot wear but with our selected Low cost Orthotics.
  • The results should speak for themselves – you will feel benefit immediately with enhanced function and balance and stability.
  • If your shoes are working well and are supportive and haven’t become worn or distorted over time it can be that Orthotics are not required and offer no benefit to your function.


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  • When should I change my trainers?
  • Are my orthotics the correct prescription?
  • Do I need more foot support?
  • What foot wear should I wear for 10.000 steps of Active10 programmes?
  • What stretching or strengthening exercises that can help feet work better?
  • Book a  121 Exercise Session

  Feedback from our patients consultations – getting you thinking


  • “Wearing the right type of footwear, upper and lower support and insoles can help correct balance and effect on body”.
  • “There are things that can be done to correct walking/posture”.
  • “That an issue with my foot is affected by other part of my body as well”.
  • “Thank you, gave me proof I’m doing the right things for my body”.
  • “I need to consider my gait”.
  • “Converse aren’t the best shoes for walking”.
  • A good overview of areas to monitor/review”.
  • over striding, ankles turning in when walking”.
  • There’s more to walking than meets the eye!”

Body Back-Up stocks a range of Orthotic foot Supports & Insoles Composite Orthotics- Specially constructed using various components of differing thickness and density to make sport-specific orthotics for support and performance.


Testimonial – Orthotic Insoles

I have been coming to see Robin for a year now, having been in absolute agony, and not being able to run for about 3 months.

Within 3 months I was running again and he recommended some insoles to put in my trainers and I have always got through a pair of trainers every 6 months at £120 for a pair of trainers is rather expensive and since I have had these insoles – which I put them in January in a new pair of trainers and I haven’t had to replace them thus far and I don’t think I will be for at least a few months.

The insoles have been absolutely amazing – I have gone 9 months without any back pain whatsoever, so I would recommend them highly.

Testimonial – Orthotic Insoles

I visited your clinic in 2001 and had some very successful treatment on a back problem caused mostly by fallen arches.  You sold me some insoles (skiing) for £30 ish which I thought were expensive at the time but you said they would outlast my shoes.  Yeah, right I thought.

11 years later they have just about worn through!  That’s with daily use!  Outlasting several pairs of shoes and trainers.

So, I am back for more!  Just about to buy a pair for myself and for my 11 year old son (who wasn’t even born when I bought my first insoles!)

Hows that?

Seriously – many thanks for what you did at the time.  I have not had many re-occurrences of the problem since and those that I do have are caused by me not following your stretching exercises properly.

My very best regards





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