Using Health Insurance F.A.Q.’s

“Is Osteopathy covered by my Health Insurance”

If you would like to claim your osteopathic fee by Direct Settlement, Body Back-Up would claim these fees directly from the Health Insurance Company, so you can concentrate on getting better – You can opt to claim yourself using receipts at the end of your treatment period.

  • Policy Excess
    Do you or your company need to pay the first part of the treatment fees?
  • Claims Limit
    Have you already used all your allowances for treatment for a similar problem during the financial year of your insurance policy?
  • Your Health Insurance may stipulate that you have a ‘set’ number of Appointments over a time interval – and then your case is reviewed.
  • Health Insurance normally state that treatment must be for Acute Care rather than on-going maintenance treatment.  Check your policy wording.
  • GP Referral
    Does your policy require you to have a Referral letter to a “named” Body Back-Up Osteopath to enable the claim to be settled?
  • Claim Forms
    Do you need to complete a Claim Form and have it signed by your GP – or can the Osteopath treating you sign it?
  • Claim Numbers
    You will need your Membership Number. If you are in Company Scheme you will also need your Group number – this is the number allocated to your company, you will then have your own membership number. You may also need an Authorisation code from the Health Insurance Company.
  • Administration Charge
    We have a £10 fee added to your 1st Appointment Insurance Invoice, or the first fee in a new episode of care – to cover handling the Direct Settlement with your Insurance Company.

Further Help
If you need help with any of these details, please contact your Health Insurance Helpline number. You may have someone in your company – perhaps in Human Resources – who can also direct you. If you are still confused or not sure what to do, we are here to provide help and advise if you encounter any problems.