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Submitting you Health Insurance Details

To be submitted by ALL patients who intend to make a direct settlement through their Private Health Insurance Scheme before their appointment with Body Back-Up.

All details will be kept confidential.

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Declaration: The above information is correct to the best of my knowledge. I understand that if, for any reason, my Health Insurance Company will not accept this claim, either in part or in full, then I am responsible for the balance of payment for all goods and fees incurred.

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Cards-accepted BODY BACKUP

             Osteopathy – Maidenhead Berkshire

        Robin Lansman D.O.  Principle &        Associate

Initial  Consultation       Robin Lansman D.O. 30 Mins

60 Mins



Follow Up Consultations  Robin Lansman D.O. 30 Mins   £65.00
*Extended Consultation Robin Lansman D.O. 45 Mins

60 Mins



Initial  Consultation   Associates 45 Mins  £69.00
Follow Up Consultation  Associates 30 Mins

45 Mins



credit_card_body backup

Osteopathy – Maida Vale W9

Robin Lansman D.O. Principal & Associate

Initial Consultation  Robin Lansman D.O.


45 Mins

60 Mins



Follow Up Consultations Robin Lansman D.O. 30 Mins £71.00
Extended Consultation  Robin Lansman D.O. 45 Mins

60 Mins



credit_card_body backup

             Osteopathy – Kailash Centre

        Robin Lansman D.O.  

 Standard Consultation       Robin Lansman D.O. 45 Mins

60 Mins