Robin Lansman’s Osteopathy & Sports Injury Consultancy

Your consultation & assessment with us 

During your Initial Consultation, we will ask you to describe how you are feeling, how  your symptoms started and what makes them change either better or worse – we complete a Case history form to record this information carefully and this forms a record of your care. We keep these documents securely for up-to 7 years and for future reference should you revisit us at a later date.

 At this stage you will be asked to remove some items of outer clothing so we are able to observe your spinal mobility – We may need to see your lower and upper body to generally assess your function more completely, so wearing underwear you are comfortable with is best – (shorts are an option too).  We offer a blanket or towel on request too if you prefer.

We will ask about your general past medical history, about accidents or operations and medication you take and examine you to assess your static standing or sitting posture, as well as how your joints and muscles are working – your spine as well as the limbs –

We then perform a ‘Standing’ examination to assess your active  spinal and muscular function and you will be asked to bend in different directions as far as you are ‘able’ to comfortably – we may perform a Dynamic Squat test as well as other tests used such as Leg raises and check reflexes – This will help inform us of off areas that we might treat most usefully

We’ll discuss aspects of your lifestyle at WORK, REST & PLAY with you – whether you have a long history of problems or an injury or the problem appears to be very new  – this helps us gauge the right treatment and advice. 

Some patients elect for a longer more in-depth assessment of their condition if they feel it has become complex and they need more consultation time  – please ask reception for details.



Diagnosis & Treatment of your condition 

We then make a working  diagnosis and explain what is wrong based on our findings as well as discuss  your treatment plan so you’ll know how many treatment sessions you will need and what to expect afterwards. It is possible we may require more information about your case or need to refer you with a letter concerning our findings to your GP or Consultant with your permission.

Treatment options & you health going forwards

Treatment may be in the form of Joint Manipulation, Deep Massage for muscles, Stretching and Joint Mobilisation as well as other techniques to suit your needs.

We may also provide a range of tailored remedial exercise to help you progress.

Robin Lansman has developed a specialised treatment which can  produce deep and lasting results – ‘Functional Active Release – click to read more


After your first consultation

You can usually expect a Follow-Up session within three to seven days after the initial consultation

A number of sessions in between depending on your needs may be suggested.

A final appointment check-up two to four weeks later. Some patients like to return in 3 to 6 months to monitor how they are coping mechanically and avoid a problem building up again.

With Sports Injuries, we look at what treatment will help your injury to heal, explain what you can do to speed up recovery and let you know when you can safely return to your sport –

We  provide some individualized remedial exercises to help with power and strength as well balance and co-ordination and flexibility  

For more detailed information on how we manage sports injuries visit Sporting care at Body Back-up


‘Follow-Up’ Appointments

We will assess how you are improving at the start of each consultation – you should notice a progressive difference at each visit – symptoms should reduce and your mobility improve – we will ask you to ‘score’ the change to help gauge progress.

We ask if there is a change of symptom location, its intensity and its frequency as well as the ongoing need for pain relief medication.

We aim to provide advice and individual exercises to reduce the chance of your problem recurring and these will be reviewed regularly to see if you are reaching your goals or need the exercises modified to make them more effective.

We will also ask you whether you have noticed improvement in your lifestyle, work comfort, or improved sports performance etc.  –  These are useful measures of your progress.
Once your set of appointments is completed, we’ll also ask you to fill out an aftercare questionnaire on-line to help us improve what we do.

Body Back-Up Checkup – Your health going forwards

Once you’re feeling good we want you to stay that way. Many patients find an M.O.T. every 3 – 6 months keeps them mobile and pain-free. This can be pre-booked and a reminder can be sent if requested by text or email.

Possible after effects of hands on treatment

Any side effects of treatment will be explained – you may feel soreness, – or tender, normally develops a superficial bruise (if you bruise easily).  This will all clear in 24 hours or so, and is quite normal.  Some patients also feel tired after treatment. If you have any concerns – please contact us.

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             Osteopathy – Maidenhead Berkshire

        Robin Lansman D.O.  Principle &        Associate

Initial  Consultation       Robin Lansman D.O. 30 Mins

60 Mins



Follow Up Consultations  Robin Lansman D.O. 30 Mins   £65.00
*Extended Consultation Robin Lansman D.O. 45 Mins

60 Mins



Initial  Consultation   Associates 45 Mins  £69.00
Follow Up Consultation  Associates 30 Mins

45 Mins