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Sarah Johnson

Have been seeing Mr Lansman for treatment during the final trimester of my pregnancy - excellent care, great service in booking appointments, highly recommend. Sarah Johnson

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Charlotte Dixon

Highly recommended.  I visited Body Back-up after my shoulders/upper back completely seized up.  Robin treated my shoulders and underlying chronic back issues, and was thorough, professional and reassuring at all times.  He gave me exercises to do between treatments and I am still reaping the benefits. Charlotte Dixon

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Keren Hollands

Dear Robin Thank you so much for all your advice and the work you did on my knee and back before the Rome half marathon on Sunday. I completed the race without stopping to walk in 1:54:57, a time I would have been aiming for if I had not been injured, and had the month before the race to train!  I really think you helped me achieve this and I am thrilled.  Thank you so much. Keren Hollands Age 20 years Student & Distance Runner Maidenhead

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Caroline McShane

  Body Backup got me back to London (from Sydney). On 29th December 2012, the day before I boarded my flight to London 'something' happened to my back. I would not be flying anywhere. I was in pain. After seeing a local physiotherapist in Sydney I set about doing the suggested exercises. 5 days later I was no better. I tend to visit Osteopath Mr Lansman every 18 months or so, usually when I feel my body is retaining too much tension, which can lead to problems. While hobbling around in Sydney I remembered the Body Back-up website had some useful exercises. As I started to do them I could hear Robin's voice telling me what to do, 18 months before. The exercises are great, and within a few days I was able to comfortably fly back to London. I had some great treatments over a two week period. Thanks Robin -- every time I leave your practice I feel so much better.  Thanks again.

Caroline McShane (Age 46) Marketing Northern Ireland

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Susan Mackenzie (47)

I’m so pleased to have found Robin Lansman, Osteopath. Having had a disc removed from my neck 10 years ago, I’ve certainly made the rounds of health care professionals on two continents! I also considered myself reasonably ‘on top of’ the idea of good ergonomics with regard to sitting properly at a desk working on a computer. Well, over the years my set-up has changed due to moving house, changing jobs, etc and I was back to making some basic mistakes with regard to my typing posture. From a photo of me sitting at my home office, Robin Lansman made a couple of suggestions, inexpensive to implement, that addressed a nagging problem in my upper back. I’d recommend Robin Lansman and Check my posture!

Susan Mackenzie (47)

Homemaker Burnham, Buckinghamshire Sports/Activities - Yoga, Piano

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