Cranial Techniques & Homeopathy

Cranial techniques are different – using a more gentle and subtle style of Hands-on care.

Patients may feel sensations of pressure or warmth, either under the Osteopath’s hands or elsewhere – most patients feel that gradually the tension is being drawn out of their body and they become deeply relaxed.

Cranial techniques can be used together or separately with other types of osteopathic treatment as required.





Karen Phillips offers Cranial techniques with her other osteopathic skills in Maidenhead, when the case, and individual are most appropriate and when a patient specifically requests this type of technique.  She is available on Tuesday, Thursday  & Friday mornings.



Elena Gheorghiu Homeopath


Dr Elena Gheorghiu  –  Homeopathy

For all appointments for Dr Elena Gheorghiu please use the Body Back-Up main number 01628 624544

Dr Elena Gheorghiu is a medical doctor with 30 years experience as a GP.  She started practicing homeopathy in 1982 and is a member of the London faculty of Homeopathy since 1994. Elena attends many International Complementary Medicine Seminars -always keep her knowledge up to date.

Homeopathic treatment can take place with, or without, orthodox treatment.  It is a gentle treatment with no side effects. It helps to increase the patients’ immunity.  Suitable treatment for virtually all ages & stages of disease. Treatments usually includes nutritional & dietary advice.

Available in Maidenhead on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday afternoons and on Saturdays by arrangement.

Registered therapist with BUPA, AXA PPP & most other health insurers.