Functional Active Rehabilitation

functional_active_release_BBUPRobin Lansman’s Step by Step approach to Biomechanical Assessment – Hands-on treatment with FAR.
Used on a daily basis when treating patients at his clinics in Maidenhead & London Maida Vale W9

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We offer hands on care for our patients to help you recover and re-learn how to use your body when you suffer Back Pain or stiffness and want to Work, Rest or Play Better!

By designing treatment & stretches to suit your needs combined with FAR  great results can be achieved with Older patients who want to stay fit. Desk bound office staff & Performance Sports for Strength Flexibility & Stability Recreational Sports

Some of the types of problem FAR may be able to help with :

    •   Hip stiffness that affect your walking stride and balance
    •  Helping you fully recover after a joint replacement (hip/knee)
    •  Chronic postural spinal stiffness in the upper back associated with tension headaches
    •  Shoulder stiffness and frozen shoulder
    •  Helping long term recovery after accidents like Whiplash
    •  Lower back pain and stiffness and certain types of Sciatica
    •  Hyper-mobile jointed patients who suffer deep muscle stiffness
  • FAR is now used by Osteopaths, Physios, Chiropractors, Doctors and Surgeons
  • From across the UK, Germany, Poland, Switzerland, Portugal, Spain & Holland
  • They have studied FAR as developed by Leading Osteopath  Robin Lansman both in the UK and Abroad.

Active Palpation Assessment – Detailed evaluation to really feel how your muscles are working or where they need help
Functional Active Rehabilitation – Specialised exercises to help reactivate muscle power and control as you recover
3D Muscle Chain FAR Hands On treatment to help you regain confidence in movement and your abilities
FAR has been used for Tension Headaches due to stiffness in the Upper Back and Neck
FAR can assist Work related Postural stiffness
FAR is used to assist recovery from Lower Back pain and some types of Sciatica
FAR can help release Deep stiffness in the HIP muscles and Thighs
FAR can assist in some cases of Sports Injury that show slow Progress and return to activity

Key Benefits: 

  • Re-learning function patterns – after injury.
  • Re-education muscle groups – after disuse.
  • Re-integration of  joint and muscle function after joint surgery.
  • Reduce Psychological helplessness by fully incorporating patients with their treatment session.
  • Feedback during treatment helps guide and make treatment individual.
  • Effective in the quickest time with lasting effects when combined with Prescribed exercise.