1 2 1 Exercise

  • At Body Back-Up we help you to find individual stretches that are effective and safe and work with any treatment or exercise programme.
  • Healthy muscles give you more power, strength and stability, and can help you avoid injury as well as perform better.
  • Sportsmen and women who attend Body Back Up Clinics are looking for an individualised treatment programme and goals to be set – we want you to see the difference we can make!
    • Improved POSTURE with less fatigue
    • CORE STABILITY – strength from inside out
    • Greater Flexibility
    • A feeling of enhanced body CONFIDENCE
  • We review exercise programmes that you have been following to date
  • Design appropriate individual remedial stretches that target the areas you need to improve most
  • Provide stretching ‘homework’ to help with any hands-on treatment we may suggest
  • We assess your strength and balance to check that your body is working evenly Left and Right sides as well as Upper and Lower body.
  • Once you return to activity, we monitor you at intervals of 3 to 6 months adjusting exercises that you have been prescribed.

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GET HEALTHY 2018 –  Stronger & more flexible
1-2-1 Exercise on TUESDAY & THURSDAYS or FRIDAYS
by Appointment in Maidenhead

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