Health & Wellbeing Events

“Sessions are intended to provide useful Health & Well-being  information and help answer health questions that arise from the group session –ultimately to help the attendees to Work REST & Play BETTER and to share what they learn with Family, Friends and Work Colleagues!” Robin Lansman, & Osteopath & Clinic Director

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Workshop events are run by Body Back-Up Osteopathy Health & Sports Injury Consultancy

They are on a range of health topics, normally they  last 1 hour.

Workshops are available at your venue, office, sports club or in Maidenhead Berkshire or West London W9 at the BODY BACK-UP practice.

Health events are aimed at anyone looking to live life to the full!

  • Registered Carers – looking after you !
  • Working all day at a desk ? Want to get more Active?
  • Elderly and falls prevention – worried about older loved ones?
  • Young people & exercise  – need advice or tips for your family ?
  • Mental health and well-being for everyone!  How exercise can help!
  • Walking and Active 10 – 50s to older age group 
  • Pregnancy preparation and beyond – family health

Topics include

Workstation top tips Q&A for comfort! Good posture Habits

Exploring KNEE pain or stiffness –  Joint Arthritis & Joint replacement

Healthy Sport 2018 – Getting more for less

Healthy Walking Exercise  Osteopathy & Orthotics – Feet are your foundations

Arm & Shoulder pains & tingling hands. Computer users Special event! 

Functional Active Release how it can help. 

Osteopathy Preparing for Pregnancy

Talking BACK PAIN & Sciatica & NICE Guidelines 2017

Good posture healthy choices at work & home

Our health and wellbeing events are for information and cannot be in place of a full case >and assessment with thorough examination performed on a one to one individual basis during a private appointment.