Key tips on choosing a new office chair from BodyBackUp Osteopathy & Sports Injury Clinics


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Sitting with your back poorly supported, has been shown to be a major cause of upper and lower back pain and stiffness!
We can advise you which chair would be most suitable for your needs whether you work from home or at the office and answer your questions about work station set-up. 
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Key Tips →Choosing a NEW office chair


   Good range of movement
  • Back pad should adjust up and down in height.
  • Back angle should be variable.
  • Seat should adjust up and down in height.
  • Seat angle should adjust from horizontal to sloping (both backwards & forwards).
  • Arms should adjust in height & width.
Easy to adjust
  • All controls must be within easy reach.
  • Good lumbar support across the width of the back.
  • An adjustable lumbar support mechanism, if affordable, is beneficial.
  • Chairs should have a fixed & rocking action that is easily switched between.
  • Beware of mechanisms that are hidden for the sake of the looks.  The range of movements maybe restricted or the controls difficult to reach.
Check arm movement
  • Beware of restricting movement of the arms & shoulders.
  • Back size & shape should support the lower and upper back in all positions without being too large.
  • Arm pads should not be too long to hinder working at the desk with the back fully supported
Check freedom of circulation
  • Beware of a seat that is too long.
  • A seat with a front edge jammed against the back of the knee restricts blood flow.
  • A seat with a waterfall front is desirable.
  • A chair with a rocking action from behind the knee is beneficial.
Things that can be missed
  • Upholstery should be firm rather than soft, but not hard.
  • Fabrics should not be rough or likely to cause irritation.
  • Seat height adjustment must be sufficient to allow you to keep your feet flat on the floor, whatever type of shoes you are wearing.
  • Select the correct glides or castors for your floor covering.
  • A stable base with at least five legs is needed.
New Check-My-Posture CORPORATE service:  
We are happy to advise Human Resources departments, Health & Safety Officers or Facilities Managers before they order new seating and other workplace furniture to help make the best choices that suit individual needs and keep costs down!