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Re-balancing Gait and Posture 

I first saw Osteopath Robin Lansman for the assessment and treatment of my Vertigo. I was also suffering from discomfort in my heel and was going to seek help for this but neglected to do so. When the Vertigo started I decided to go to seek help.

Previously my sister had been to Robin Lansman for another health issue and benefited. Once assessed and a full case history had been taken he treated the neck and upper spine, which I benefited from with increased mobility of my neck, reduced tension and dizziness.  I think the greatest benefit began with the approach he took to heel pain.   Robin assessed my foot function and gait and prescribed a very specific type of lunge exercise as ‘a-way’ to addressing the issues he diagnosed.

As I applied the exercise during several days I felt is effect not only in the feet and legs but also more broadly in the shoulders, neck and even the scalp and ears.  What was interesting to me was that there appeared to be a strong connection between the positioning of my feet and how my neck felt.  There appeared to be in my view a strong connection between my apparent Vertigo symptoms and my feet, legs and overall posture.

It seems more effective to treat the body as a whole and I hope that the body will be healthier when this process of self-help and treatment is completed over several weeks.

Osteopat Robin Lansman’ı ilk olarak Vertigo rahatsızlığımın değerlendirilmesi ve tedavisi için gördüm. Daha önce topuğumda bir rahatsızlık hissediyordum, onun için gidecektim. Fakat ihmal ettim gitmedim. Vertigo başladığında yardım aramaya karar verdim.

Daha önce kız kardeşim başka bir sağlık sorunu için Robin Lansman’a gitmiş ve faydalanmıştı. Vaka öyküsünü dinledikten ve değerlendirdikten sonra boyun ve üst omurgayı tedavi etti. Tedavi sonucunda boynumun mobilitesinin artığını, gerginliğin ve baş dönmesinin azaldığını hissettim. Fakat, bence en büyük yarar topuk ağrısının tedavisiyle başladı. Robin yürüyüş ve duruşumu değerlendirdikten ve tanı koyduktan sonra tedavi için özel bir tipte “lunge” (hamle) egzersizi önerdi.

Egzersizi bir hafta kadar uyguladıktan sonra yalnızca ayak ve bacaklarda değil, omuzlarda, boyunda ve hatta baş ve kulaklarda bile bir etki yarattığını hissettim. Bence ilginç olan, ayaklarımın pozisyonu ile boynumu nasıl hissettiğim arasında güçlü bir bağlantı olduğunun ortaya çıkmasıydı. Görünür Vertigo semptomlarım ile ayaklarım, bacaklarım ve genel duruşum arasında güçlü bir bağlantı olduğunu hissettim.

Vücudu bir bütün olarak tedavi etmenin daha etkili olduğunu düşünüyorum. Bu tedavi ve evde yapılan egzersiz süreci birkaç hafta içinde tamamlandığında vücudumun daha sağlıklı olacağını umuyorum.

Murat Laptop user London 

Living with Arthritis 

I heard Robin Lansman’s talk at an Arthritis Action group meeting in Pimlico in September 2019 about osteopathic care, focusing on activating muscle chains to better cope with arthritis. Robin came across as a person with the knowledge and passion for his work. I was impressed and decided to go for an appointment.

I have had neck stiffness/torticollis for years but had not come across a professional who has been able to give me such confidence and the tools to help myself. I have consulted a chiropracter, physios and had massage in the past and although these treatments gave some temporary relief they helped the symptons and not the cause. I came to realise I needed to retrain my neck muscles but I hadn’t met someone like Robin who could provide me with the necessary exercises which do not just focus on the neck alone but take in the use of the whole body.

In just two sessions Robin has given me excellent treatment and the exercises to do daily. He has a friendly and energetic professional approach. I can highly recommend him to others so that they too can benefit from his experience and expertise.

Hilary Arthritis Action member London region

Treating the root cause rather than the symptoms

I have visited Robin Lansman and his team for several years after suffering since my late teens with lower back problems. Robin quickly pointed out other areas that could bring on the problems and in actual fact, all the other treatments I had gone through in the past were treating the symptoms rather than the root cause. With a bit of work, and following the exercises, I have reduced my pain to minimal levels, know when things are getting out of balance again and, importantly, know how I can help myself to stop the pain from spiraling out of control.

I cannot recommend Body Back-Up highly enough and have sent several members of my family to Robin so that they can also benefit from his expertise and knowledge.

Michael James (36)

Managing Director
Sports – Skiing and Swimming

Pregnancy Care

Robin Lansman’s treatments helped me survive a very uncomfortable triplet pregnancy, during which I became so large that I could barely walk. Yet Robin kept me on my feet and his weekly sessions eased out many of the aches and pains associated with carrying three babies. I saw Robin right up to the birth, with my last treatment only four days before my babies were born. Each time I saw him I walked out of his surgery feeling much lighter, more comfortable and more able to cope. Robin was a massive help and it was a great relief that I had his treatments to support me through the most physically challenging time of my life.

I would definitely recommend Robin Lansman to anyone having a baby.

Mother of three & Presentation Trainer

North London

Long term back pain resolved

I have suffered with back pain for 20 years and seen Consultants, Physio’s & Doctors and none of the advice or treatments helped. Pain relief worked but only to mask the underlying issue. I have probably spent “Thousand of pounds” on medication, private appointments, orthopaedic devices and time off work. AFTER just ONE £45 session my back felt like a “million dollars”. PROPER advice and diagnosis has helped along with my own research. I was not “Power Sold” further treatments, but will be making another appointment next month.

Treatment is a two way responsibility and I am so glad I had finally found a healthcare professional in Karen Phillips, who understood and diagnosed me immediately. Am still waiting for the good effects to wear off! Great nights sleep, drive into work good. Posture issue also identified. The rest is up to me now to maintain and exercise. MANY MANY THANKS I now no longer live in pain or FEAR of back spasm’s.

Adrian Jansz (44)

Telephone Engineer
Slough, Berkshire
Sports – Tai Kwando

Hip Pain 

I had suffered from a painful hip for many years after a motor accident. My GP referred me to a physiotherapist and although I dutifully followed the prescribed exercise routine, the pain just intensified to the point where standing still for more than a minute or so was unbearable.

I had little or no hope that an osteopath could help me, but thought anything would be worth a try, I even considered going to a faith healer!

My prejudices were totally unfounded. Robin Lansman quickly put me at my ease and told me that he didn’t operate on a local level like physiotherapy typically does, but rather took a holistic view of pain and injury. This would certainly explain why instead of looking at my hip, he looked at my range of movement then set about treating an entirely different area. I was sceptical that it would make any difference, but when I tried moving again, instead of awkwardness and pain, I felt like my body was actually working with me for the first time in years.

After only a few sessions with Robin, I can move around much more easily and am finally optimistic about the future. I won’t be making that trip to Lourdes for a good few years yet, and would encourage anyone who feels like they have tried everything to give Body Back-Up a go.

Sophie Dent (41)

Recruitment Consultant

Multiple Sclerosis manipulation and exercises

Robin works wonders.

I have multiple sclerosis and have been visiting him for several years and see a marked difference each time. In addition to osteopathic manipulative treatment, he consistently provides useful tips and exercises to maintain and improve function.

I recommend him very highly.

Professor Alan Palmer (54)

Recruitment Consultant

Sports injury treatment

I came to Body Back-Up many years ago as a result of sporting injuries and also injuries suffered in a road traffic accident.

At the time I was seeing Robin Lansman who I found to be absolutely superb, very quick, very friendly, very helpful.

His diagnosis was instant and spot-on and the treatment he administered at that time way, way, surpassed three months of Physiotherapy that I had previously for the same ailment , with no positive effect.

Robin has treated me many times since for a variety of sports injuries and other ailments and each and every time the results have been the same.  Very quick results and amazingly helpful, not only that, but he has also helped me with the preventative side in so much as each time I am treated, he doesn’t just treat the problem, he looks at the cause and advises me on how to prevent a recurrence.

I have also been treated by other people at Body Back-Up with the same results, so I had no qualms in recommending the practice, specifically Robin, to many people, all of whom speak most highly of him.

Martin Ellis (47)
Bray, Berkshire
Sales Executive

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