Real Life Exercise
Healthy lifestyle

Every-day activities like walking provides benefits for your mind & body benefits!

6 S’s for Spine & BODY Health

  • “We want you to walk and exercise as well as you can now to enjoy life and help you in the future.
  • Checking your symmetry between left and right front and back as well as upper and lower body, allows us to see how balanced your mobility is and how it flows when you change from being still to moving.
  • Are there areas that don’t work well or need more flexibility or strength to even our the way you move?
  • We can offer some more support, to help to allow you to Work, Rest or Play Better and help you develop your life skills”

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             Osteopathy – Kailash Centre

        Robin Lansman D.O.  

 Standard Consultation       Robin Lansman D.O. 45 Mins

60 Mins