Sports Remedial Massage

By Marelie Mey M.Ost ND DO

Marelie May BODY BACKUPSports massage is a soft tissue treatment and is intended to relax the muscles. It can help with sports/gym strains through assisting the muscles recovery process.

It can also help prepare for sporting events or exercise through promoting blood flow tight muscles that are tight to relax. Deep tissue and sports tissue massage work through encouraging new blood flow and drainage of ‘old’ blood. Various pressure techniques used loosen muscles fibres. This speeds up recovery to encourage better muscle function.

Various elements of Swedish massage are used. Some of the techniques used are “slow and deep”, others include “sustained pressure”. There are also faster and more superficial techniques. The choice depends on the findings and on the individuals response to the techniques.

Sports massage is not only suitable for sporty or active individuals. Sports massage can help those with physically demanding or high- stress jobs or high- stress jobs. It can also be a very relaxing experience!By booking for a sports and remedial massage with Marelie Mey you will have the benefit of having her trained hands and experienced eyes. Should you have an injury or health concern that Marelie may find during a treatment, you may be referred to another professional colleague or to your GP.

Possible side effects of massage include:

  •  Soreness/ feeling achey for a day or two following a massage
  • Feeling very tired following a massage
  • Feeling thirsty.  You will need to drink 1-2 glasses of water following treatment.
Thursday afternoons mornings at the Maidenhead Clinic only:
30 Mins £45.00
45 Mins £55.00
60 Mins £65.00

Appointments can be made via our Maidenhead telephone number only
Please call reception team to arrange your session.
You will need to provide your full name and address if you are not registered with us already.
You can claim £10 off of your first visit for Massage Treatment for the 45/60 minute session only


Lower rates for 3, 5 or 10 pre-paid vouchers are available on request offering a 5%, 10% to 15% reduction.