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As osteopaths, prescribing foot arch supports for fallen or high arches to support to your feet, hips and spine is something we can help you with at BODYBACK-UP.

Many people develop painful bad habits walking or running, whether as the result of an injury, postural issues, or simply deep stiffness in the foot and calf. Orthotics are insole inserts placed in your walking shoes, trainers or work boots to help distribute weight more evenly across your foot, and give a correct postural foundation to the rest of your body.

We supply low-cost (from only £25) orthotics and also work with registered podiatrists when there are foot health issues or you need bespoke orthotics.

We ask you to bring your current footwear to your appointment. We also offer diagnostic appointments via online video consultations, ideal for orthotics assessments and offering a quick and easy way to obtain a professional diagnosis.


First we assess you body and posture as a whole, taking into account your stance, walking gait and the alignment of your spine. Please bring current shoes and orthotics with you.

Physical Tests

Next we ask you to perform a few physical tests, such as squats and lunges. This is so the osteopath can analyse your positioning and posture during movement.

Choosing Orthotics

If you already use orthotics, your osteopath will let you know whether they need updating. If you are new to orthotics, they will advise you in the right size and type of orthotic for you.


Our osteopath will also prescribe exercises for you to carry out at home, to  improve how your body works together, as a whole unit from the ground up!

Our Orthotic Products

At Body Back-Up we provide a range of orthotic foot supports and insoles. We offer half or full insoles that come in sizes XS to XL. Whether you need insoles for your work shoes, sports trainers or heavy duty boots, our products suit all kinds of activities and footwear.

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