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Our healthcare practitioners have many years’ experience treating and preventing sports injuries with our osteopathy approach

Sports injuries can be due to impact, overuse and repetitive strain injuries.

We see cyclists, swimmers, runners, triathletes, tennis pros, walkers, and more at all levels of ability and fitness.

We know how frustrating sports injuries can be and that you want to get back to training as quick as possible. We provide and action plan to help you measure progress and gain confidence. We also will advise you when you can return to full activity levels.

Sports injuries can be caused by a combination of structural problems or weakness in muscles, tendons or ligaments. The most common cause of sports injuries is poor training. We can help you review your exercise and training programme, making your stretches and warm ups more effective in preventing injury and avoiding the problem recurring in the future.

Sports Injuries

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What causes sports injuries?

Sports injuries can be caused by a direct trauma injury, a strain or sprain, or by overuse or repetitive injuries. We can help assess your training to avoid problems recurring in the future.

How we help sports injuries

We use a variety of osteopathy skills including joint manipulation, and focussed muscle release techniques as well as tailored remedial exercises.

Sports injury diagnosis specialists

Our Osteopaths are skilled in distinguishing the root causes of sports injuries. If you are struggling with pain, or want to know when you can get back to your exercise

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