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At Body Back-Up our overall goal is to help all of our patients improve their physical and mental health and wellbeing through tailored assessment and care.

We see work, rest and play as elements within everyone’s lives which need to be working in harmony to avoid suffering. We are here to help you with all these elements of your daily life.

We assess your posture, gait, and mechanical function to understand how your body is really working and the root of your problems. In doing this we will discover movement and strength blocks and help you resolve the problems in your body that need the most help with treatment and personalised remedial exercises.

In resolving these problems we reduce fear of painful movement and help prevent injuries resulting from over-protecting areas of the body that feel weak and vulnerable. We will also discover any uneven effects of sports and gym workouts that leave the body working off-balance, or areas where a stronger part of the body is compensating for a weaker one.

We review your foot and ankle mechanics, balance and control, detecting any problems that may either cause pain in these areas, or cause referred pain elsewhere in the body. Problems may create points of strain that interfere with walking and running or with other daily activities.

We may prescribe remedial exercises or low-cost (from £25) orthotics to give your feet the correct support and correct any postural problems stemming from poor foot mechanics and balance.

Please bring your usual footwear to your appointment, whether sports, working or day to day. For more information see the orthotics page.

Joint Manipulation

Joint manipulation involves the therapist moving joints of the body in specific ways for therapeutic effect. When applied to the joints of the spine, it is called spinal manipulation. Osteopaths undergo extensive training to manipulate joints correctly and safely.

There are many benefits to joint manipulation including reducing musculoskeletal pain, increased range of motion and “unlocking” stiff joints. It is generally used as one part of an overall treatment plan which might also include other techniques.

Joint manipulation can be applied to any joints in the body, from the neck and shoulders right down to the toes.

Functional Active Release

Functional Active Release is a manual therapy developed by Robin Lansman. Whereas in typical osteopathy the patient lies static while the osteopath manipulates their joints and muscles, FAR works muscles in three-dimensional movement during treatment. FAR utilises functional movements which explore and expand range of motion in the joint during treatment.

Cranial Osteopathy

In cranial osteopathy, the therapist places their hands on the head rather than manipulating muscles and joints of the body. The approach is not only used to treat headaches or other problems related to the head, but is also used to treat conditions in the rest of the body, according to the principle that everything in the body is connected.

Cranial osteopathy is very gentle. It is often the preferred osteopathic approach for babies and small children, as babies’ skeletons are softer than those of adults. Many people also find cranial osteopathy to have a calming effect, and it can help people who feel generally tense or have trouble relaxing.

Soft Tissue Massage

Soft tissue massage involves massaging the muscles of the body for therapeutic effect.

This has many potential benefits including increasing blood flow to the area, stretching the muscle, increasing range of motion and treating “knots”. Soft tissue work can also release tightness in a muscle and break down scar tissue.

Massage techniques are typically used alongside other osteopathic techniques such as joint manipulation. Many people also find soft tissue massage to have a generally relaxing and calming effect.

An important part of your treatment is the use of personalised remedial exercises that should be carried out at home. These reinforce of the benefits of treatment on a daily basis, ensuring your recovery is moving forward in between treatments. The exercises prescribed to you will build strength and flexibility in weak or tight areas, increase range of motion, and aim to reduce pain and soreness through the promotion of healthy mechanical function.

Your osteopath will provide you with exercises personalised to you as part of your treatment, normally to be performed on a daily basis or several times a day.



We can help prevent and treat any problems and keep you in top condition, whether your work involves lifting and moving, driving, sitting at a desk or working from home.



Whether you need advice buying a new mattress or you suspect your favourite chair is the cause of your stiff neck, we can treat your aches and pains and help you rest like a champion.



No matter what your age or fitness level, we can prevent and treat conditions arising from sports, walking or other activities, helping you to continue getting the most out of life.

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