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West Hampstead, North London: 020 8969 0247 Maidenhead, Berkshire: 01628 624544 [email protected]
Robin Lansman, osteopath and clinical director of Body Back-Up Osteopathic Clinics
Past President of the Institute of Osteopathy
Qualified at the British School of Osteopathy in 1988
Appears regularly on BBC Radio & BBC TV
Video and Audio

Osteopathy is not just about fixing problems but taking a holistic view to health and to illness prevention. Robin is a leading healthcare practitioner whose advice is frequently sought for interviews around healthcare-related topics.

Robin speaks to BBC correspondent Tom Edwards about the move back to commuting after two years of lockdowns, the effect on people’s bodies and how to stay safe and healthy.

Robin was interviewed by the Leaders Council of Great Britain for their podcast series, discussing the promotion of osteopathy and building leadership speaking skills through his COGUK speaker skills programme.

Robin discusses working from home as part of the Mind Body Beauty Show

Robin interviews Karen Buck, MP for Westminster North, at the IHPE 60th Anniversary event at the House of Commons.

Radio 2 logo

Robin discusses the importance of posture in this interview for BBC Radio 2.

This practitioner is available for online video consultations

Robin Lansman, D.O., AHP, MIHPE Osteopath


  • Graduated from the British School of Osteopathy (now University College of Osteopathy) in London in 1988.
  • Holds a Doctor of Osteopathy (D.O.)

Clinical Director

  • Pioneering Spirit: Robin founded the first Body Back-Up Clinic, collaborating closely with GP surgeries and sports clubs.
  • Guiding Vision: As the clinical director, he oversees our osteopathy clinics in West Hampstead, London, NW3, and Maidenhead, Berkshire.
  • Patient-Centric Approach: Robin ensures that patient care remains at the heart of our practice.

Sports Injuries Expertise

  • Senior Tutor: Robin served as the Senior Tutor of Sports Injuries at the British School of Osteopathy for a decade.
  • Hands-On Experience: He treated sports injuries at both recreational and competitive levels.
  • London Marathon Support: Robin provided practical assistance during several London marathons.

Teaching and Education

  • 35 Years of Wisdom: Robin’s extensive practice experience spans 35 years.
  • Educator: He taught Exercise and Rehabilitation Osteopathy – FAR to undergraduates and postgraduates across the UK and Europe.

Media Presence

  • BBC Spotlight: Robin is a sought-after interviewee, frequently sharing his passion for osteopathy on BBC Radio and TV.
  • His insights reach a wide audience, contributing to public awareness and education.

Holistic Approach

  • Benchmarking Progress: Robin’s approach incorporates a holistic assessment methodology.
  • Biomechanical Models: He uses various models to assess progress and rehabilitate patients.
  • FAR Technique: The hands-on Functional and Rehabilitation (FAR) approach combines elements from soft tissue release techniques, resulting in rapid and effective changes.
  • Patient Empowerment: Bespoke muscle activation exercises actively involve patients in their recovery journey.

Professional Leadership

  • Institute of Osteopathy: Robin represented his profession as the President.
  • Health Leadership: He coaches for the Council of Deans of Health Leadership Programme.
  • Trustee: Robin actively serves as a Trustee of the Institute of Health Promotion and Education.

Contributor and Educator

  • Written Word: Robin regularly writes for national and medical press, sharing valuable insights.
  • Broadcast Voice: His eloquence extends to BBC Radio and BBC TV, where he frequently speaks on osteopathy and health.

Robin Lansman’s dedication and expertise continue to shape the future of osteopathy. Visit our website at Body Back-Up Healthcare to learn more about our services and how Robin and our team can support your well-being

Health Insurance registration:

Cigna, Aviva, Simply Health, Standard Life Healthcare,
WPA, Pruhealth, Medisure, RSA, Vitality

BUPA(London ONLY) AXA (London ONLY)

Please check you are covered for Osteopathy with ROBIN LANSMAN.

We now ask patients to pay us the fees AND RECLAIM them from their insurer – This avoids checking on levels of cover and excess payable.

Robin is available Tuesdays London NW3  Practice

Mondays & Wednesdays in Maidenhead Berkshire

Please use the booking system below to check the LIVE and available days and times


Sports Injuries

Robin is an expert on treating sports injuries and was Senior Tutor of Sports Injuries at the British School of Osteopathy for 10 years. Robin is passionate about sports health and has also given his time to treat runners at several London Marathons.

Sports injuries Robin treats include injuries and sprains sustained through popular sports such as running, cycling and tennis. Many people seek treatment for conditions such as plantar fasciitis, calf pain, knee pain, “tennis elbow”, or pain in the wrists from weight training.

Functional Active Release (FAR)

By designing treatment & stretches to suit individual needs combined with FAR great results can be achieved with Older patients who want to stay fit as well as Desk bound office staff, Performance or recreational Sportsmen and women for Strength, Flexibility & Stability.

FAR is now used by Osteopaths, Physios, Chiropractors, Doctors and Surgeons from the UK, Germany, Poland, Switzerland, Portugal, Spain & Holland.

They have studied FAR as developed by Leading Osteopath Robin Lansman both in the UK and Abroad.

Arm and Shoulder Pain

Pain in the arm and shoulder can arise following an injury, a chronic condition like arthritis or frozen shoulder, or due to overuse and/or poor posture, as in the case of RSI.

Robin is a specialist in arm and shoulder issues. He identified and treats Thoracic Outlet Syndrome, a condition where nerves become trapped between the collarbone and the first rib, commonly due to poor posture, which can cause numbness or pins and needles in the arm.

Runner experiencing sports injury in the back of their leg

Gait and Orthotics (insoles)

Robin is an expert in assessing foot, knee and ankle mechanics and prescribing specialist low-cost orthotic insoles to improve walking and running gait. Body Back-Up keep a stock of orthotic insoles for sale, and can assess the right insole for you via an online video consultation.

Robin appears frequently in the news, discussing osteopathy and other health-related matters. These are a selection of the articles in which he has contributed an expert view.

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Mobile phones blamed for rash of neck pain
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