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Our healthcare practitioners have many years’ experience treating neck pain with osteopathy. 

Neck pain can arise as a result of general tension in the neck or poor posture, particularly when working. Osteopaths use a variety of techniques to reduce muscle tension and improve spinal alignment, helping to reduce the resulting pain.

Neck pain can also be caused by a sprain, sports injury or chronic medical condition such as arthritis. We will help you explore the underlying reasons for your neck pain and make appropriate referrals to your GP if osteopathy is not the right treatment for you.

We also offer diagnostic appointments and workstation posture assessments via online video consultations, offering a quick and easy way to obtain a professional diagnosis. The cost of your online video consultation can be offset against future in-person treatment.

What causes neck pain?

Many people experience occasional neck pain or stiffness. In many cases, it’s due to poor posture or overuse. Neck pain can also be caused by a sprain, a sports injury, or a chronic condition such as arthritis.

How we treat neck pain

Osteopaths use a variety of techniques to relax and release the muscles of the neck and to realign the upper joints of the spine. We may also prescribe a set of home exercises and postural adaptations.

Neck pain specialists

Our osteopaths are skilled in distinguishing the root causes of neck pain. If you are struggling with pain, we can help.

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