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Functional Active Release & Rehabilitation Works on DEEP Stiffness and Alters the way YOU Move and Hold YOURSELF!

LEARN how THIS Adaptive & Individual form of Holistic Physical Therapy could work for YOUR PAIN Recovery plan HERE!

What Is FAR Treatment and Exercise Therapy ?

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FAR is a specialised approach to manual therapy designed by expert osteopath and lecturer Robin Lansman, encompassing a system of assessment, treatment, hands-on therapy and self-care.

Whereas in traditional manual therapies the patient lies still whilst the therapist treats them, in Functional Active Release treatment is given whilst carrying out functional movements of the part of the body being treated. This helps you to recover quicker and more completely, and stay healthier for longer. The process of clear and open feedback between patient and professional also helps guide expectations along with building cognitive Body Awareness that ensures best results for the individual.

Photo credit: Ilana Goldenburg Tilburg, Holland

Osteopath Robin Lansman performing Functional Active Release on patient
Releasing deep shoulder and whole arm disfunction and stiffness with FAR

How Is FAR Different?

Active straight leg lower back examination

FAR is not just another therapeutic technique but an entire approach to treatment in which the patient is far more active than in usual therapies. Under the therapist’s guidance, you will develop a deeper understanding of the body mechanics relating to your injury, and be proactive in designing exercises and movements that will speed up your recovery.

You will also take a more active role in treatment sessions, carrying out guided functional movements during physical therapy and working in tandem with your therapist to improve whatever problem you are experiencing.

Photo credit: Ilana Goldenburg Tilburg, Holland

Benefits of FAR

The unique approach of FAR means that you will not only recover from injury quicker but have the tools to develop greater function in daily life. You’ll understand the unique mechanics of your particular physiology and be able to take a knowledgeable and empowered approach to staying fit and functional and avoiding injury.

Photo credit: Phillipp Richter Director Institute for Applied Osteopathy (IFAO Germany)

FAR demonstration in Berlin
Exploring lower back and hip function off weight bearing

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FAR Training for Health Professionals

Yoga Teachers
Pilates Teachers
Personal Trainers
Sports Coaches

FAR is not just another tool in the therapist’s toolbox but a comprehensive Holistic approach to assessment, treatment and self care. If you’re a physical therapist or health professional looking for a more effective approach that engages and involves your patient more, FAR could be for you.

Whether you are an Osteopath, Physiotherapist or Chiropractor HCP or in the area of Yoga or Pilates teaching and Sports coaching PT, or any other profession that works with the body, understanding the principles of FAR can help you achieve better results with your patients or clients, helping them to achieve a higher level of performance and quicker recovery from injury.

Enquire about our virtual online and hands on workshops designed for you or your group’s requirements.

Learn More

FAR demonstration videos and Interviews with Osteopath delegates during University College of Osteopathy (BSO) Postgraduate workshops

More Than Another Treatment Tool

The are so many tools to choose from when addressing MSK problems and particularly muscle component of the case in hand. Many manual therapists  already use myofascial release, ART, deep soft tissue, inhibition pressure points, acupressure, functional technique, massage and many more.

FAR is quite different as the patient is involved all the way through the assessment phase, the treatment as well as the rehabilitation exercise phase.  This means the patient and their feedback help manage the process more closely and allow for a bespoke programme of care with easy to measure outcomes. This in turn helps practitioners know if their approach is working.

Photo credit: Ilana Goldenburg Tilburg, Holland

Osteopath Robin Lansman Functional Active Release demonstration
FAR enhancing function in clavipectorial muscles and upper rib combined with inhalation and expiration

FAR CPD Training

Functional Active Release demonstration
Active straight leg raise with lower spine palpation
  • New FAR assessment benchmarking tools and progress measures for your patients
  • Designing Bespoke Remedial and Rehabilitation exercises for individuals of all ages and adaptable whether chronic of acute
  • Learning about effective FAR ‘results focused’ hands on whole body treatment plans
  • All of these topics as a more ‘process’ approach to MSK care

Our workshops contain a mix of virtual and face-to-face, hands-on content. Workshops are created to suit the audience requirements.

Photo credit: Academy of Physical Medicine

About Robin Lansman Osteopath AHP

Robin Lansman, osteopath and clinical director of Body Back-Up Osteopathic Clinics
  • Clinical Director, Body Back-Up Healthcare
  • Appears regularly on BBC TV and radio
  • Former Institute of Osteopathy President
  • Past senior clinical tutor at BSO sports injury clinic for over 10 years
  • Post graduate lecturer and undergraduate dissertation supervisor at degree level
  • TeamHEALTH360 coaching programme Lead 

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