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Join our next one-day FAR CPD workshop on Friday May 17th 2024 at the Academy of Physical Medicine

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What past participants said
(Osteopaths, Physios, Chiropractors, Pilates and Yoga Teachers)

“Immediately applicable principles and techniques”

“Have already found improvements in delegates practiced on”

“I think this will really help clear up chronic cases that have not responded well to treatment”

“Very engaging, easy to understand and to practice”

“Using stretching as diagnosis tool”

“This was completely new to me”

“Chain theory rather than working muscles in isolation”

“Encouraged and made me more confident in use of stretches”

“Excellent, thoroughly enjoyed Robin’s delivery & knowledge”

“Clear presentation, just the right amount of information”

“Great stuff to put into action”

From £130 2 or 4 or 6 or up to 12 Participants

2-4 Participants
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  • Goal-setting & Practical skills
  • 2-4 participants
  • 75 minutes
  • Coaching session
Sessions Bundle
cartoon of person on video call taking notes

  • Goal-setting & Practical skills
  • 3 x 75 min Hour Blocks
  • 2 to 4 participants
  • Coaching Sessions
Onsite Training
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  • 1-2 Day onsite Bespoke Workshop
  • Up to 16-18 delegates
  • UK & Europe
  • 7 CPD hours Per Day

We offer students and new graduate groups reduced rates  – Please enquire!

How Can OUR Coaching Benefit the Practitioner

FAR can reduce the stress on your body by combining the best concepts of other myo-facial treatment techniques. The patient is fully involved in the treatment process so that you can get better results by working cooperatively, and it’s easy to monitor changes in the patient to measure the effectiveness of the approach.

3D Assessment - 3D Prescription Exercise - 3D Functional Treatment

3D Assessment Coaching

Active Functional Assessments

Benchmarking Tests

Muscle Chain evaluation

Whole Body integration

Active Palpation

3D Prescription Exercise Coaching

Prescriptive exercise 

NEW Muscle Chain Tools

YOGA adaptations

PILATES repurposed

Real life Exercise 

Breathing Mindfulness 

3D Condition Coaching

  • Thoracic Outlet Syndrome
  • Shoulder girdle Dysfunction 
  • LB & Sciatica
  • Knee & Hip Joint  Prehab & Rehab 
  • Elbow / Grip dysfunction
  • Tension & Postural Head-aches
  • Foot pain – Plantar Fasciitis

FAR Demonstration & review Videos

FAR demonstration videos and Interviews with Osteopath delegates during University College of Osteopathy (BSO) Postgraduate workshops

FAR can help with Chronic Stiffness and Dysfunction

Flexible Pick and Mix Style to suit your Development needs

 Coaching sessions Format  

First session  Goal setting for your Development needs and Module selection  

PICK & MIX  topics Choose what fits best with you current experience and patient needs

Take notes & pictures or video As an aid to your learning during coaching practical 

1-2 Week gap between coaching  Giving you time to explore new approaches in Practice

Book sessions flexibly as needed to fulfil your learning goals as you progress

About Robin Lansman Osteopath AHP

Robin Lansman, osteopath and clinical director of Body Back-Up Osteopathic Clinics
  • Clinical Director Body Back-Up Healthcare since 1988
  • Trustee of Institute of Health Promotion and Health Education
  • Appears regularly on BBC TV & Radio
  • Past Institute of Osteopathy President
  • Past Senior Clinical Tutor at BSO (now UCO)  Sports Injury Clinic for over 10 years
  • Post graduate lecturer and undergraduate dissertation supervisor at Masters Degree level
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TeamSpeak360 Coaching

Would you also find Communication skills training useful?
Improve your Patient communication skills and confidence with TEAMSpeak360 training.

Excellent for Practice teams to bring everyone together!

What You'll Need for Your Coached training

You’ll need a laptop and webcam or Smart Phone.

We will be using Cliniko  or MS Teams for the video sessions.

 Exercise ball 25cm, Various fit bands 1.5m long and some 1 or 2 kg hand weights.

Please wear loose gym clothes and make some floor space available.

A stable chair or stool  would also be useful

CPD Requirements Covered by FAR COACHING

 Allow 3 hours total CPD per coached hour for review & reflection in practice

One big note from past delegates has been “improved feedback and communication with patients” A CPD requirement is exploring communication and consent.

General Osteopathic Council Practice Standards for CPD requirements covered as part of the FAR training and coaching include:

A1, A2, A3, A4, A5, A6 Communication and Patient Partnership
B1, B3, B4 Knowledge Skills and Performance to Support Work as an Osteopath
C1, C2 Safety and Quality in Practice

Benefits of the FAR Approach

The FAR process gives you the chance to communicate, explain, educate and explore your findings with your patient, in a very  clear and easy to understand way.

Gaining Patient consent for your care is vital but so is their “buy in” They go hand in hand!

Sharing honest progress feedback and level of adherence to your advice and care plan is paramount to make the care individual to the patients needs too!

 The FAR process often elicits patient “recollections” about the detailed history of their journey in pain and stiffness.

This detail can further inform your “case history” and help guide your care plan with even more accuracy.

Finally, the FAR approach keeps the practitioner on a flexible pathway, or WORKING DIAGNOSIS, that iteratively adapts to patient feedback and outcomes, without “chasing symptoms”.

Handling each symptom individually in some cases can take the “care plan” off track and not deal thoroughly with the underlying imbalances and  habitual dysfunction that drive the presenting patient, into a chronic status quo, with little lasting change. A good case history underpins the physical examination.

Learn More or Book a Group CPD Session

Coaching for MSK professionals with case study examples and practical workshops both online and in person.
Ideal for individuals or groups of 4 to 6 as coached sessions, or workshops for larger groups.
After booking you will receive a ‘pick and mix’ form to tailor your training to your requirements

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