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Maybe you have tried physiotherapy, which can be helpful, but now you are looking for a different approach. You may be looking for individualised treatment and an integrative approach that assesses and treats the muscles, joints and spine holistically, or maybe you just want to try something different. Osteopathy is fully hands-on and uses palpation to feel the changes in your body as they occur, giving us a deeper understanding of your problem and the best course of treatment. Many people come to us having tried physiotherapy and looking for something that better suits their particular needs.

How Osteopathy Can Help You

Osteopathy is a comprehensive system of diagnosis and treatment encompassing a thorough assessment of musculoskeletal function, and treatment including joint manipulation, spinal manipulation and massage. Osteopaths treat many common musculoskeletal problems such as aches and pains, back or neck aches, joint pains and sports injuries.

One of the biggest advantages of osteopathy is its comprehensive diagnosis, including spinal and postural assessment as well as examining the problem itself. Pain or injury in one part of the body is often the result of a problem somewhere else, and osteopathy allows us to get to the real root of the problem and treat not just where it hurts but why it hurts. We can then use the appropriate techniques to treat the problem, whether it be joint manipulation, postural realignment or muscle work and massage.

Osteopaths are qualified to a minimum of degree level and regulated by the GOsC. We are one of the 14 allied health professions and primary care practitioners, meaning we are trained to be people’s first port of call for healthcare and to refer them to more appropriate services if appropriate.

Our Approach

We have many years experience treating patients across Maidenhead and Berkshire. Your health is important to us, as is ensuring you feel comfortable at all times during your treatment, from understanding what to expect at your first appointment through to listening to your feedback and continually improving our service.

If you would like to discuss in more detail how we can help you please don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss. Alternatively, you can book your initial osteopathic consultation using the online booking system below. We look forward to seeing you!

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