Tension Headaches

Male Aged 55 – Suffering from Tension Headaches

The graph shows the daily pattern of head aches in the days following the initial series of osteopathic treatment – treating muscular neck tensions as well as spinal joint restriction.

Our patient self completed a progress graph.

Measuring changes from day to day and week to week.

Graphed Symptom Cycles – Help you understand your condition!

Looking at your symptom patterns

We encourage our patients with long-standing problems to “plot” their progress between each appointment.
This informs us if their treatment is improving according to plan
When you have had a chronic long standing problem, it can be hard to describe your symptom pattern clearly.


How can you measure change & check improvements?

Reduced Intensity & Duration? Symptoms pattern changes
Reduced tension and stiff neck? Greater range of neck mobility


The Treatment & Self Help Programme

The osteopathic treatment and management combines manual
loosening of muscular tensions using hands on gentle techniques:

    – Neck spinal muscles
    – Shoulder blade area
    – Base of the Skull

Application of heat between sessions.
Performing a prescribed exercise routine—tailored for the individual.
Thoracic and cervical spinal mobilisation when appropriate.
Change to a more supportive pillow—that we may recommend.