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I have suffered with back pain for 20 years and seen Consultants, Physio’s & Doctors and none of the advice or treatments helped. Pain relief worked but only to mask the underlying issue. I have probably spent “Thousand of pounds” on medication, private appointments, orthopaedic devices and time off work. AFTER just ONE £45 session my back felt like a “million dollars”. PROPER advice and diagnosis has helped along with my own research. I was not “Power Sold” further treatments, but will be making another appointment next month.

Treatment is a two way responsibility and I am so glad I had finally found a healthcare professional in Karen Phillips, who understood and diagnosed me immediately. Am still waiting for the good effects to wear off! Great nights sleep, drive into work good. Posture issue also identified. The rest is up to me now to maintain and exercise. MANY MANY THANKS I now no longer live in pain or FEAR of back spasm’s.

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