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The first issues I experienced with my back was 6 years ago. For a few weeks I was experiencing pain in my lower back and often found it painful to get up from sitting but once I got moving it didn’t feel to bad. After a few weeks of this, whilst bending over to pick up a jumper I felt a sharp pain in my lower back. After giving it a second I decided I just needed to power through, this was the worst decision. The pain got worse, so bad that I couldn’t stand. After some time lying on the floor and some pain killers I was able to get to up and went to see the doctor. They prescribed me a couple things to help, they relieved the pain, and I was told by the doctor this happens to lots of people and I just needed to get on with it and it would get better.

It took a couple of months to be pain free after that. I then proceed for the next few years to feel discomfort if I over did it with heavy lifting or twisted slightly the wrong way but had no further incidents like that. Then in January 2018 whilst putting a bag on the floor I felt the same sharp pain in my lower back. Fortunately I was a little wiser this time round to know powering through is not the right thing. This meant the damage to my back wasn’t as bad as the last time but I still suffered with a bad back for a few weeks and it required me to be very careful and conscious of every move I was making. Between this occasion and August 2018 I suffered with another 4 experiences like this. I had friends who suggested seeing an osteopath based on their own experience. I fully intended to but after a few weeks my back would get better and I would put it to the back of my mind.

Then the occasion in August was as bad as that first time 6 years ago and I instantly contacted Body Back-Up as they had been highly recommended to me.

I booked a first session with Robin, he spoke with me about the pain I experience, how often it happens, what type of pain it is, the type of job I do, exercise, lifestyle etc. All of this helped Robin pin point the cause of the issues I have been having with my back.

After working with Robin in that first session I left feeling better. However having ignored the issue for too long I knew that it was important that I take on everything that was said and make adjustments. This wasn’t anything to drastic, it focused on improvements to my posture when sat working. I returned 4 weeks later with my back feeling better than it had in a while and feeling the improvement from putting into practice the guidance I had been given. I left my second session with the next steps, guidance and some exercise to continue to improve my back and resolve the underlying issue.

I would highly recommend someone who suffers with regular pain book to see an Osteopath, especially Robin and the Body Back-Up team. They key thing is to know that if you take the guidance given and put the effort in to make the suggested changes then they can help improve and fix the issue.

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