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I have visited Robin Lansman and his team for several years after suffering since my late teens with lower back problems. Robin quickly pointed out other areas that could bring on the problems and in actual fact, all the other treatments I had gone through in the past were treating the symptoms rather than the root cause. With a bit of work, and following the exercises, I have reduced my pain to minimal levels, know when things are getting out of balance again and, importantly, know how I can help myself to stop the pain from spiralling out of control.

I cannot recommend Body Back-Up highly enough and have sent several members of my family to Robin so that they can also benefit from his expertise and knowledge.

Robin Lansman was recommended to me by a skiing friend of mine who was watching me struggling with a Locked Back in Klosters. I had been to a sports doctor who, fancy on paper, prodded me, but didn’t actually tell me what to do.

Anyway, I pitched up at Maida Vale and 6 sessions later I am a lot better and my next skiing session was in a different league. Highly recommended!

I emailed Robin Lansman digital photographs of my desk at work and he has tweaked how I sit. Also my bike, which was rejected out of hand as being totally unsuitable such a good idea. As a result my back is miles better.

Body Backup really are very helpful and are highly recommended they will sort you out.

Thank you so much for all your advice and the work you did on my knee and back before the Rome half marathon on Sunday. I completed the race without stopping to walk in 1:54:57, a time I would have been aiming for if I had not been injured, and had the month before the race to train! I really think you helped me achieve this and I am thrilled. Thank you so much.

Had a long journey so far, with an injury from 2004. Spinal damage – slipped vertebrae (spondy) and torn hip ligament. Had an operation (after 3 years of chiropractic, physio and personal trainer), screws and spacer for my spine. My recovery has been progressing slowly since 2007, but grew frustrated more recently that I still cannot sit, stand or walk comfortably, let alone run.

After 3 sessions with Robin, and maintaining a regular daily schedule of the simple but effective exercises he gave me, my hip pain has greatly reduced, and I am now able to sit, stand, walk and even run comfortably.

I cannot believe the difference these three sessions have made to my mobility and comfort levels. I have known for some time that I needed to retrain muscles to support correct joint movement, but hadn’t found anyone who could help me to achieve this efficiently. Until now. So Happy.

I have suffered with back pain for 20 years and seen Consultants, Physio’s & Doctors and none of the advice or treatments helped. Pain relief worked but only to mask the underlying issue. I have probably spent “Thousand of pounds” on medication, private appointments, orthopaedic devices and time off work. AFTER just ONE £45 session my back felt like a “million dollars”. PROPER advice and diagnosis has helped along with my own research. I was not “Power Sold” further treatments, but will be making another appointment next month.

Treatment is a two way responsibility and I am so glad I had finally found a healthcare professional in Karen Phillips, who understood and diagnosed me immediately. Am still waiting for the good effects to wear off! Great nights sleep, drive into work good. Posture issue also identified. The rest is up to me now to maintain and exercise. MANY MANY THANKS I now no longer live in pain or FEAR of back spasm’s.

I was recommended to come to Body Back-Up by my GP. The difference it has made in my life has been tremendous! I have had about six treatments now and whereas I could barely get in or out of the car or stand for any great length of time I now find that my life has changed and I have my fitness back. I have got my life back and my mobility is just so much better now that it was when I first came here to see Robin Lansman. I have got my life back and am able to do all the things I couldn’t do before and in fact have probably never been able to. Thank you!

I have been treated by Robin Lansman for a number of years now, as I have always suffered from back problems.

Robin’s treatment is quick and effective. He is hugely knowledgeable and knows exactly what to do to sort out my mess of a spine or shoulders. He compliments his treatments with explanations and exercises and within 2-3 treatments I am happily back to my normal self again.

Highly recommended. I visited Body Back-up after my shoulders/upper back completely seized up. Robin treated my shoulders and underlying chronic back issues, and was thorough, professional and reassuring at all times. He gave me exercises to do between treatments and I am still reaping the benefits.

The day after Easter my back collapsed… literally. I went out to get a pint of milk, returned home, closed the car door and that was it .I couldn’t move.

A 20 second walk to the house took 20 minutes whereupon I had to immediately lie down and at best I was able to move my upper body to reach over for some anti-inflammatories. Totally bed ridden all very disappointing and upsetting as I was in training for the Moonwalk Breast Cancer fund raising walk in London which was due to be early May.

After some heavy inflammatories and some initial physio, I returned to see Robin the last time was in 2007 when he had put me back into shape. Needless to say this time my back was in a much worse state but after the first session, I was able to move more freely. After the second and third I was able to walk much better. The fourth session was the day before the 13 mile walk through London.

Thankfully, I was mobile enough to do the walk and although I had heat packs on my back and carried some anti-inflammatories with me as precautionary I am certain I would not have been able to complete it had it not been for the osteo sessions that I had had with Robin prior to the walk.

I now know that I have to maintain the back and plan to visit Robin more than once in 5 years! I would thoroughly recommend Robin as an osteopath – not only the treatment but the advice has proved beneficial and importantly allowed me to raise close to £700 sponsorship money for breast cancer.

I have struggled for years with on and off back problems. I have regularly visited the doctors, who through anti inflammatory and painkillers have only ever provided temporary relief. I have also visited sports massage therapists that have caused an excruciating amount of short term pain with seemingly no long term relief or change.

The osteopaths at Body Back-Up, through physical manipulation and corrective posture techniques have managed to not only relieve all pain and discomfort, but also have provided a path for me to follow so that the recurrence of the issue should not happen again.

I cannot overstate how much better I feel. Not only is the pain and discomfort gone, but I feel I have so much more energy; I guess most of that energy in the past has gone into just getting through the day fighting inherent pain. It’s been a life changer, and I recommend Body Back-Up to anyone that suffers with any form of pain linked to back and posture.

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