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“I found the workstation assessment to be extremely helpful. Robin was very friendly and immediately put me at ease, explaining the purpose of the meeting and his suggestions for improvement. I would not hesitate to recommend him to others.”

“The assessment went well, very thorough and with good constructive feedback.

Overall, happy with the advice given, thank you :)”

Supporting HR to help employees well-being

We have many years experience both preventing and treating occupational problems like Stiff necks, Tension Headaches, Back pain and RSI in office based as well as new challenges faced by hybrid and remote workstation users.

We now work with HR departments as virtual partners, to help them enhance Hybrid employee well-being and navigate the DSE regulations.

We now specialise and enjoy helping SMEs hybrid working Teams thrive during the working day.

We know that getting access to easy to follow professional health advice is so helpful for HR managers as a reference point.

Our service is adaptable to suit the needs of individuals to help them find the help they need. 

Request a meeting online to discuss employees needs on the form below.

Workstation Assessments DSE Compliance
Health & Safety Executive standards

Our Osteopath will help make the desk set-up work more efficiently and help avoid unnecessary Aches and pains which can effect you health – Head-aches – Pins & Needles – Fatigue and Poor Concentration

We help individuals  gain a greater awareness of correct posture whilst working as well as how to recognise the early signs of problems.

This service provides compliance for the Employer but helpful tips for the Employee too!

Workplace Health & Well-Being
Osteopathy & Ergonomics & Health Coaching

One of our osteopaths will work on a one-to-one basis with each employee. Through body-mapping employees we can assess their pain or stiffness at work, learning to recognise the early signs of a problem and how to remedy it.

A full review of advice  is provided as an action plan.

We explore their lifestyle and exercise, and provide before/after photos serving as a reference point to help with their health in the future.

Virtual Online Assessments & Hybrid teams
Inclusive Health & Communication Webinars

Our Osteopaths can help hybrid DSE teams. Each employee will need two assessments – one on their office workstation and one for their home workstation – in order to comply with HSE guidelines.

Home assessments can be carried out remotely. Your office assessments can either be conducted remotely, or with a visit from one of our Osteopaths if you are London-based.

Headaches and Migraines

Headaches and migraines in the workplace are a common consequence of stress and poor workstation setup.

We are recognised by the European Migraine and Headache Alliance as a migraine-friendly workplace. We offer specialist assessment of headaches and migraines and treatment where appropriate. To learn more, visit our headaches and migraines page.

Workplace Health Coaching

We  offer workplace health coaching with pharmacist and Lifestyle Medicine coach Karen Neil.

Karen is able to help and advise your staff on staying healthy, managing stress and ensuring their ongoing health both physical and mental, resulting in a happier and more effective workforce and less time lost due to illness or stress.

For more information see our Lifestyle Medicine page

Laptop Alert

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Improve Your Team's Communication Skills

Work place team dynamics and communication skills are all part of evolving a healthier workplace.

Learn more about our Teamspeak 360 Communication Skills Training.

We Support Team Health with a range of webinars to unite the home and office teams in a supportive  health education approach to greater develop awareness of  Handling Stress and Anxiety as well as taking useful Exercise and Work-life balance

Our Clinic in London NW3

We support workstation health by offering onsite visits across Greater London.

We are London-based osteopaths with a focus on London businesses.  Our clinic is based in West Hampstead, London NW3, within Doctor Today, and has been serving our local community since 1988.

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