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Are there unresolved health concerns that your doctor hasn’t addressed?

Do you feel the need for a more comprehensive examination of your health to fully understand your issues?

Often, individuals have several minor issues that accumulate over time, creating what appears to be a complex health picture. General practitioners may lack the time or resources to dissect every aspect of your health and formulate a clear action plan. More medication, tests, or scans don’t always lead to a recovery strategy.

Knowledge and health education are vital for managing your health. Our goal is for you to stop the endless search and discover solutions to your health problems. If we’re unable to assist, we’ll direct you to the right service, equipped with a better understanding of your needs and the subsequent steps.

What exactly is Lifestyle Medicine?
Western medicine tends to treat symptoms rather than addressing the root causes and lifestyle elements—like stress, diet, and medication—that can disrupt the body’s balance and lead to illness.

Lifestyle or Functional Medicine aims to enhance traditional medical care by adopting a broader, more holistic approach. With longer appointments, there’s time to delve into all the factors contributing to your ailment, including diet, sleep, and stress, enabling practitioners to form a comprehensive view of your issue and collaborate effectively in your care.

Lifestyle Medicine also promotes mindfulness and self-responsibility for health. Your practitioner will guide you in recognizing how various factors impact your health, helping you make informed decisions and play an active role in your wellbeing.

Karen Neil health coach & pharmacist
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