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What is Lifestyle Medicine?

Western medicine focuses on treating the outward manifestation of the problem, often without enough attention to the underlying causes and lifestyle factors – such as stress, diet and other medication – which can lead to imbalance or illness within the body.

Lifestyle Medicine or Functional Medicine seeks to extend the care typically given by a doctor by taking a deeper and more holistic approach. Appointments are longer, giving time to consider all the various factors which are causing your disease or problem, including issues like nutrition, sleep, and stress. This allows the practitioner to build up a complete picture of your problem and be an effective partner in your treatment.

Also emphasised in Lifestyle Medicine is mindfulness and a responsibility for your own health. Your Lifestyle Medicine Practitioner will help you to become more aware of the effects of various factors on your health, enabling you to take better decisions and to become a more active partner in your own wellbeing.

How Lifestyle Medicine Can Help You

If you have been suffering from a chronic condition, the more in-depth and holistic approach of lifestyle medicine can help to bring about improved wellbeing and quality of life, enabling you to better live with your condition and potentially reducing medication. Lifestyle medicine can help you manage and live with any long-term chronic condition, including fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

Lifestyle medicine focuses on quality of life and on prevention rather than cure. Whether you have a chronic condition or simply want to make the best of your health, your lifestyle medicine doctor can help you to maintain your general health and avoid illnesses in future.

At Body Back-Up we also offer Osteopathy – helping with musculoskeletal complaints – and work closely with the doctors at Doctor Today. This allows us preferential access to blood tests, etc., where necessary, and ensures an all-round approach to your health.

Lifestyle Medicine with Dr Karen Neil 

Karen Neil is a specialist pharmacist, and trustee of the IHPE (Institute of Health Promotion and Education). She offers workshops and training days in addition to working directly with patients.

Karen has been involved in health promotion since qualifying as a Pharmacist in 1994, including roles in community and hospital pharmacy, public health research and undergraduate teaching as a Special Lecturer at the University of Nottingham (Post-doctoral work). She has been increasingly combining pharmacy and mindfulness work in offering ‘optimising wellbeing’ sessions and in her work with the IHPE.

Fees and Appointments

We are currently taking bookings for lifestyle medicine appointments from September 2022.

All lifestyle medicine appointments take place online. The fee is £135 for an initial 60-minute consultation and £125 for follow-up consultations.

Dr Karen Neil

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