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Body Back-Up Heat Packs

Heat packs are a great way to relieve everyday aches and pains, or to help you relax after work or sports. They also make great gifts!

Body Back-Up heat packs are made especially for us, to our own specifications, so you know that the heat pack you’re buying has been designed by an osteopath to offer maximum benefit. You can purchase heat packs online and pick up directly from our clinic, so no need to pay for postage.

Our heat packs are made by a charity that helps people with learning difficulties learn new skills, so when you buy a heat pack from us you’re not only helping your body but helping disabled people too!

Benefits of Heat Packs

Heat packs are ideal for relieving a range of problems including tension and stress, back and neck pain, muscle pain, menstrual pain, rheumatic pain, and for use after sports and exercise.

When the heat pack is applied next to the skin, the heat radiates through the muscles causing the arteries to become dilated, increasing blood flow and to the affected area. In cases where muscles have become injured or have gone into spasm, the increased blood flow also allows toxins to be flushed away faster, speeding up healing and reducing pain.

To feel the full benefits of the application of heat, be sure to leave the heat pack in place for at least 10-15 minutes, being sure to protect the skin from overuse. This can be repeated several times during the day. Many people find using heat first thing in the morning or last thing at night to be the most useful.

Usage as an Ice Pack

Your pack can also be frozen and used to treat sprains and strains, and to reduce inflammation and bruising. Use in 5-minute applications to avoid tissue damage.

Please see the accompanying video on the correct way to use the pack when frozen.

Heat Packs and Osteopathic Treatment

The application of heat is most useful when combined with osteopathic treatment, when joints are gently mobilised and muscles released using soft tissue techniques. Heat application is often a part of the self-help regime we prescribe in conjunction with our treatment. Your Body Back-Up Osteopath can advise you.

If you would like more advice or professional help with your symptoms, please do book an in-person or video consultation using the booking system below. We can advise you on the best way forward with your problems, and also on the correct application of heat, as the place where you feel pain is not always the most appropriate place to apply heat for improvement in the underlying problem.

Always apply heat with care as it can exacerbate as well as improve symptoms. Check first if you are concerned about a new problem or injury, and if you are unsure always seek professional advice.

Osteopathic treatment for back pain

Usage and Care


Heat packs must only be heated in a microwave, on full power. We recommend removing the outer slip cover before microwaving.

650-800 Watts: up to three minutes
800+ Watts: up to two and a half minutes

To top up the heat, microwave for approximately half the time.


Remove the slip cover and place the inner pack in a plastic bag in the freezer for 2-4 hours. Condensation may appear, gently shake the pack and it will evaporate. When frozen the pack remains supple and dry to the touch while defrosting.


If the inner pack becomes dirty, dab clean with a damp cloth and do not immerse in water. Dry thoroughly in a well-ventilated area.

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