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West Hampstead, North London: 020 8969 0247 Maidenhead, Berkshire: 01628 624544 [email protected]

Why Robin?

When I am in pain, I feel out of balance. My mood, my mobility and my energy all suffer. Like a cold, it is in control of my body. In my experience, knowing a good Osteopath is as important as having a good dentist or a good hairdresser. Not all Osteopaths are the same!

Some believe it only requires textbook skills, in my experience it entails the practitioner to be a good listener and to have the ability to recognize the physical and mental contributing factors effecting the energy of the individuals body. Depending on the treatment yes, it may take several treatments, or ONE may do! Robin goes outside of the box; good listener and he clarifies the possible tissue family causing my pain. Everyone has a different approach to heal pain, personally I like to know what I am dealing with.

Robin’s experience and professionalism are major contributors to my Bien-Etre!

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