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I came to Body Back-Up many years ago as a result of sporting injuries and also injuries suffered in a road traffic accident.

At the time I was seeing Robin Lansman who I found to be absolutely superb, very quick, very friendly, very helpful.

His diagnosis was instant and spot-on and the treatment he administered at that time way, way, surpassed three months of Physiotherapy that I had previously for the same ailment , with no positive effect.

Robin has treated me many times since for a variety of sports injuries and other ailments and each and every time the results have been the same. Very quick results and amazingly helpful, not only that, but he has also helped me with the preventative side in so much as each time I am treated, he doesn’t just treat the problem, he looks at the cause and advises me on how to prevent a recurrence.

I have also been treated by other people at Body Back-Up with the same results, so I had no qualms in recommending the practice, specifically Robin, to many people, all of whom speak most highly of him.

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