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Looking after yourself is vital to your physical and mental health and wellbeing. Finding the time and motivation can be a barrier to self-care. Here at Body Back-Up we understand the importance of individualised care. We carefully assess every patient and their individual needs, forming a working diagnosis and treatment plan.

Our approach is designed to help our patients, work, rest and play better. We look to assess your lifestyle and help you to define a healthy balance in your daily activities that will keep you flexible, strong and free from injury. We enable you to participate in all aspects of life more fully.



We understand the importance of remaining comfortable while working and avoiding unnecessary time off through injury or pain. Not being able to work effectively or comfortably can cause wider issues for you and your family.

Whether your work means sitting at a desk all day, heavy-lifting, long-distance driving or standing all day, everyone’s body is put under varying levels of stress and strain. It is vital that you rest and recover as well as maintain strength and flexibility.

By looking at your current working set-up, we can tailor treatment and exercise to you and your job to make your working day more tolerable.



Rest is a very important component of health and is often forgotten in the wider context of your general wellbeing. Not sleeping well due to discomfort will result in having less energy to work and exercise.

Pillows and mattresses can aggravate your back and neck if they are not matched correctly to your body shape and weight over time. We can advise you on the correct sleeping posture and the right pillows and mattress to suit your individual needs.

How you sit on the sofa and use a laptop or watch TV are all part of relaxing. Sitting badly and for too long can create stiffness that can lead to headaches and put you at risk of everyday activity causing you to strain your back or neck.

At Body Back-Up our treatment will ensure your periods of rest are pain free and comfortable.



Staying active is vitally important to our mental and physical health and wellbeing. If you enjoy exercise or sport but are worried about injury or aggravating an existing longer term complaint, we are here to help.

We understand how exercise can be used both to overcome pain and stiffness as well as a preventative tool when used appropriately. Everyone can make progress but understanding the details of your problem and then being guided to take the best course of action to suit you as an individual is key.

Body Back-Up osteopaths can help you to utilise periods of activity to reduce pain and prevent injury.

Work Rest and Play Better! 

We are here to help you with good advice, specific remedial exercise or stretches or hands on treatment to suit you best.

Let us help you explore your motivation and find a way forwards to help you enjoy life, as well as move better and feel more productive too.

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