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Back Pain Treatment in West Hampstead and Maidenhead

Our osteopath healthcare practitioners are back pain specialists and have many years of providing treatment to back pain sufferers at our West Hampstead and Maidenhead clinics. We are a leading osteopathic clinic run by Robin Lansman, a past president of the Institute of Osteopathy and regular guest on BBC TV and radio. As well as generalised back pain we also help with the treatment and management of other spinal conditions such as sciatica and scoliosis, and operate a sports injury clinic.

Self-treatment and managing your backache is important, and we can also give you professional advice on the best mattress, setting up your chair and general workplace health, including by video consultation. We can also offer expert advice on other things you may have considered to help relieve your back pain, such as heat pads, yoga and pilates, and give you individualised stretches and exercises to target the causes of your particular back pain.

At our London clinic we work closely with the medical staff at Doctor Today, allowing us preferential access to services such as blood tests and x-rays where necessary. All our osteopaths attend regular continuing professional development, ensuring everyone is up to date with the latest treatments and research.

Our Clinics in London and Maidenhead are easily accessible and making an appointment online is simple. We also offer online video consultations.

Laptops and Back Pain

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What Causes Back Pain?

Many people experience back pain at some point in their lives. This may be caused by poor posture or workstation setup, heavy lifting, a sports or other injury or a chronic condition such as sciatica or scoliosis. You may experience pain whilst sitting, walking, standing, or when lying down or at night. Many women also experience back pain during pregnancy.

Whilst most people with back pain experience lower back pain, it is not uncommon for people to also have problems in the side, upper or middle. You may have tried to ease your back pain with yoga, heat or massage, but find that the problem persists, or want advice on whether or how these are likely to help in your particular case.

We can help explore the reasons for your back pain and determine the root cause, and to make any necessary lifestyle changes to avoid the problem recurring. We will carry out a full examination and discuss what might be the root cause, such as wrong chair, wrong shoes, driving, standing for long periods or other postural problems that might be causing a misalignment and pain in your body.

Woman at desk with back pain
Poor posture when working is one of the causes of back pain - Osteopathy and Ergonomics advice at BODYBACKUP

How Is Osteopathy Used to Treat Back Pain?

Osteopathy is a hands-on therapy that uses a variety of techniques including spinal manipulation and soft tissue work, such as massage and myofascial release. Many osteopaths also use dry needling. The aim is to improve strength, flexibility, and alignment of the spine and other parts of the musculoskeletal system. Osteopathy is a holistic treatment, meaning it looks at the functioning of the body as a whole rather than only looking at individual parts.

Osteopaths are experts in posture and in the correct alignment of the spine and pelvis. Many back pains are caused by problems elsewhere in the body and osteopaths are experts at identifying and diagnosing these problems. For example, you may be suffering back pain due to unsupportive shoes or from a poor workstation setup or driving position, or from something as simple as having a mattress or pillow that isn’t right for your back. Osteopaths can help with all of these factors.

Osteopaths are Allied Health Professionals who also work in musculoskeletal departments of the NHS, and First Contact Practitioners, able to refer you to another service when osteopathy is not the most appropriate method of treatment.

You might also want to take a look at our first visit expectations to see what to expect on your first visit to an osteopath, the BUPA advice on Osteopathy for lower back pain, and advice on osteopathy for back pain from the Institute of Osteopathy.

Osteopathic treatment for back pain
Osteopathy can help back pain by improving spinal alignment and flexibility

Our Specialist Treatment for Back Pain

We have clinics in West Hampstead and Maidenhead and our osteopaths have many years experience in treating back pain and related conditions. We are registered with the General Osteopathic Council, and offer treatment in accordance with NICE guidelines.

We pride ourselves on our 6-step treatment process and ensuring that you are listened-to and involved at every step of your treatment, that you understand the treatments you are being given, and are informed as to your progress and how long your recovery is likely to take. We also offer diagnostic appointments via online video consultations, offering a quick and easy way to obtain a professional diagnosis. You can read more about us on our about us page, and also read our testimonials.

Your lifestyle and comfort during your recovery from back pain is also important, and we will advise you on factors like how to sleep with your back pain, whether and when to take painkillers or use things like heat pads, whether activities like yoga and pilates can help your back pain, and the best mattress, chair and so on. We will also give you specialised exercises and stretches for your unique case.

Osteopath treating back pain
We have osteopathic clinics in London and Maidenhead

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Back Pain Treatment in North London and Maidenhead

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