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Keren Hollands

Dear Robin Thank you so much for all your advice and the work you did on my knee and back before the Rome half marathon on Sunday. I completed the race without stopping to walk in 1:54:57, a time I would have been aiming for if I had not been injured, and had the month before the race to train!  I really think you helped me achieve this and I am thrilled.  Thank you so much. Keren Hollands Age 20 years Student & Distance Runner Maidenhead

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Caroline McShane

  Body Backup got me back to London (from Sydney). On 29th December 2012, the day before I boarded my flight to London 'something' happened to my back. I would not be flying anywhere. I was in pain. After seeing a local physiotherapist in Sydney I set about doing the suggested exercises. 5 days later I was no better. I tend to visit Osteopath Mr Lansman every 18 months or so, usually when I feel my body is retaining too much tension, which can lead to problems. While hobbling around in Sydney I remembered the Body Back-up website had some useful exercises. As I started to do them I could hear Robin's voice telling me what to do, 18 months before. The exercises are great, and within a few days I was able to comfortably fly back to London. I had some great treatments over a two week period. Thanks Robin -- every time I leave your practice I feel so much better.  Thanks again.

Caroline McShane (Age 46) Marketing Northern Ireland

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Susan Mackenzie (47)

I’m so pleased to have found Robin Lansman, Osteopath. Having had a disc removed from my neck 10 years ago, I’ve certainly made the rounds of health care professionals on two continents! I also considered myself reasonably ‘on top of’ the idea of good ergonomics with regard to sitting properly at a desk working on a computer. Well, over the years my set-up has changed due to moving house, changing jobs, etc and I was back to making some basic mistakes with regard to my typing posture. From a photo of me sitting at my home office, Robin Lansman made a couple of suggestions, inexpensive to implement, that addressed a nagging problem in my upper back. I’d recommend Robin Lansman and Check my posture!

Susan Mackenzie (47)

Homemaker Burnham, Buckinghamshire Sports/Activities - Yoga, Piano

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Lenka Vychytova (37)

I had big back and neck problems, and I came home very shattered after every day working in front of my computer. I thought I just had to cope with that, because of the nature of getting older and office work! Then I learned about “Check my posture”, so I asked Robin Lansman – my Osteopath, to make my posture assessment. I realised there are so many things I do wrong so “I ended up with six clear action points and all of them were quite straight forward to fix”, once pointed out …………. “Nothing which would need a big investment or a big change in my office!” It has been 3 weeks since the assessment was done. I really can see the improvement. I have much less back pain, much less neck pain and I still sometimes have the tendency to go back to the bad habits! It’s now different and I am trying to exactly what the Osteopath said. I would say there is an 80% improvement so far!

Lenka Vychytova (37) Marketing Manager Maidenhead, Berkshire Sports - Rowing, Skiing and cycling

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Jackie Clydesdale (47)

I was recommended to come to Body Back-Up by my GP. The difference it has made in my life has been tremendous! I have had about six treatments now and whereasI could barely get in or out of the car or stand for any great length of time I now find that my life has changed and I have my fitness back. I have got my life back and my mobility is just so much better now that it was when I first came here to see Robin Lansman. I have got my “life back” and am able to do all the things I couldn’t do before and in fact have probably never been able to. Thank you!

Jackie Clydesdale (47)

Hospice Volunteer Co-ordinator Slough, Berkshire Sports - Gym

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